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Did you know that salt makes sweets sweeter? As a kid, growing up, I had friends that use to put salt on fruit. Eew! That was my lasting memory of fruit with salt. Fast forward, and now it’s a thing well, maybe not exactly salt on fruit, but salty things mixed […]


Salmon is my most favorite fish. It is fatty enough to have lots of flavor, dense enough not to fall apart when cooking and can be prepared a gazillion ways! Throughout the summer months I grow many veggies in my garden for a salad and so searing a lightly crusted […]


Strawberry season is finally here and I will indulge, once again, in a favorite salad that marries the beautiful sweet and savory flavors on one plate! Can you believe I planned for this way back in February, when I planted some lettuce seeds in a few indoor pots? AND THEY […]


I believe my favorite part of summer food is all the fresh vegetables that concoct into the most amazing salads! Tzatziki is a staple in my home all summer long. I grew up eating it with my meat and fish the way many Americans put ketchup on theirs. Hah! Mine […]


PICNIC season is finally here! Oh, how we embrace this time of year. Whether seaside, park bench, or blanket spread in your backyard or deck, it is an occasion to eat a simple meal outside with nature. Don’t over think it. Keep it simple. It’s really all about the ambience […]


Salad on a stick! Sometimes a little salad on a stick is all we are looking for. Easy to pack in lunches. Perfect for a Tapas spread, picnic food, or an appetizer set out for game day when you want your loved-ones, or guests to have a little something healthy. […]


Cucumbers. The often-forgotten vegetable. Well, think again! The cool refreshing flavor of Tzatziki comes to the aid of spicy food, calms the tummy after a heavy meal, and makes for a perfect tapas dish for any cuisine you have scattered across a Tapas spread. Fast, easy, and oh so yummy! […]


Ever peel off a huge leaf of cabbage and imagine using it as a bowl? It’s almost whimsical looking. This quick and refreshing salad was created simply to turn these lovely cabbage leaves into a bowl! Enjoy as a side dish, or toss a little cooked shrimp or meat into […]


  What could be better for an Autumn picnic than a scallop salad with summer’s harvest of butternut squash, and corn! Throw in a bottle or two of wine, your favorite cheeses, a crusty baguette, and of course autumns apples and grapes, and you have yourself the makings of a […]


We shouldn’t need the onset of bathing suit season to eat healthy, but often we do. While breakfast can be the easy meal to start the day, and dinner more thoughtfully planned, lunch is usually the meal we are too busy to think about; therefore, we often make our worst […]