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Roots. We all have them, from somewhere. Ever since Ancestry.com, Genealogy.com, Myheritage.com and lots of other companies took off, people from around the world began finding family they never knew they had. The stories are often exhilarating or sometimes, not. For whatever the reason curiosities are aroused to take a […]


Valentine Dinner. An easy meal? Candles, fire, and some fun prompted conversation? How does that sound to you! Part two, of my four-part series using your home as a fun place to recreate ambience for a memorable Valentine evening, whether for friends, for two, or a special night just for […]


  Burger season is almost here. Whether I am serving meat burgers, veggie burgers, or seafood burgers, I want a quality BUN! Try your hand at making your own burger buns, and I doubt you will ever buy them again! Ingredients Yields 1 dozen Yeast – 1 tablespoon Sugar – […]