Spring Inspired Valentine Dinner

A Spring Inspired Valentine Dinner, is welcomed in February, with burgers and beer, strawberry shortcakes and lots of candles to feel like sunshine.

Spring Inspired Valentine Dinner At Home
Spring Inspired Valentine Dinner At Home

Valentine Dinner At Home

A Valentine dinner at home can be an easy fun evening with foods we love in the spring and summer, helping us forget we still have three months of winter ahead.

I love any meal, fireside, in the dead of winter but when I’ve lived in a home without a fireplace, I simply arrange a collage of candles, even remote battery operated candles!

This will be part two, of my four-part series Valentine Dinners At Home, inspiring to create a nook in your home for a memorable Valentine evening.

These are designed to be an evening with friends, for two, or a special night just for you.

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Easy Delicious Spring Inspired Recipes Are The Key

  • Burger Buns – Any burger of your choice, meat, salmon, vegan, but with homemade burger buns
  • Roasted Potato Fries – Oven roasted to a crispy perfection, rosemary and salt
  • Mediterranean Lemon Dressing – Drizzled over a refreshing winter salad, inspired by spring
  • Strawberry Layer Cake – Strawberries sandwiched between quick shortcakes
  • The Love Plate – Conversation starters to make the evening interesting
  • Set The Stage – Some quick rearranging of furniture to create the mood

Homemade Springtime Burger Buns

Burgers for Valentines Day? Where I live, it’s freezing on Valentines Day. By the time Valentine day arrives, I am in want of a taste of spring or summer, not snow and stews.

For the burgers, they can be store bought, vegan, lamb, beef, turkey, or whatever you like as your burger. But make sure it doesn’t take more that 10 minutes to have them ready.

To make the burgers feel special, I made these big, fat, cheesy, Homemade Burger Buns, a day earlier. The recipe and preparation couldn’t be easier.

Homemade Burger Bun
Homemade Burger Bun

Spring Inspired Valentine Dinner Needs Potato Fries!

Crunchy, rosemary and olive oil oven roasted potato fries, with coarse sea salt. What’s not to love! Rosemary Potato Fries are fast, easy, and oven baked until crunchy.

Check out the easy recipe, which potatoes make the best oven fried potatoes, and why this method is the best, both for taste and for health.

Oven Roasted Rosemary Fries
Oven Roasted Rosemary Fries

Winter Salad Inspired By Spring

Who doesn’t want a healthy salad in the dead of winter! It whispers ‘spring is not far off’. Alongside the Valentine Dinner prepared here, an easy salad with the best ever Mediterranean Lemon Salad Dressing could cause the salad to steal the show away from the burger.

The salad I prepared was simply spinach, mandarin oranges, blue cheese, and spicy hot Thai cashews with a lemon and olive oil dressing.

Spring Salad In The Dead Of Winter
Spring Salad In The Dead Of Winter

Springtime Strawberry Shortcake For Valentine Day

The first fruit that pops out, from the dead of winter’s sleep, is the strawberry. I almost always make a strawberry dessert for Valentine Day; maybe because they’re red or maybe because when sliced they look like hearts!

The fabulous Strawberry Layer Cake is also a fast and easy do-ahead the day before. Pureed strawberries were added to the whipping cream for both color and taste! Recipe is linked above also.

Strawberry Shortcakes
Strawberry Shortcakes

Valentine Games and Conversation Starters

Let’s face it, unless your Valentine Dinner date is with a new friend, conversation sometimes can get a little boring with that ole timer you’ve been hanging with all these years.

For this reason, I created The Love Plate! Conversation starters about new, funny, serious, interesting things. Topics you might not otherwise chat about.

For your Love Plate, I simply created a variety of conversation starters, pertinent for the company that would be dining.

Print them, cut, fold, and place on a cute dish, bowl, or basket to get the evening started.

Conversation Starter Love Plate
Conversation Starter Love Plate

Valentine Romance Inspired By Spring

At home dining? Same ole dining room, sofa or deck? Nope! I am here to challenge you to ‘set the stage’ right there in your own home. Try a new spot, move a few pieces of furniture, break a few old habits.

The video above will inspire a little recreation in your home to set a new ambience for this Valentine Date Night at Home!

Spring Inspired Valentine Dinner
Spring Inspired Valentine Dinner
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