Write A New Series For TV – DREAM BIG (with video)

Have You Lost Your Mind? Write A New Series For TV and Dream Big, knowing it’s nearly impossible to get it in front of the film industry, if only for honest feedback?


Big Dreams Often Formulate From Personal Experiences

Dare we call them dreams, when they seem so obvious for us to aspire to?

The answer to that is yes, when we don’t know how to obtain them. 

The story of Hansel and Gretel comes to mind, when I look behind myself at my life’s experiences. 

It seems, from a young age, there has always been one more crumb of bread, along the path of life, feeding and leading me somewhere. 

But where?

And then, that ‘ah ha’ moment happens and it all becomes clear, 

But then what?

Writing A New TV Series – Designed To Better Lives Through Visual Arts With ‘Everyday People’

Having been featured in nearly a dozen shows on national television, it became clear to me that ‘everyday people‘ are what make entertainment most interesting.

3 Time Food Network Chef!
3 Time Food Network Chef!

People, original characters, are diverse and complex and certainly give us plenty to become engaged in, when we are on the sidelines watching. 

However, there needs to be a plot, a plot twist and an outcome that leaves us feeling good, and in want of more. 

Goodness knows, we have enough in the daily news, that does the opposite. 

Bringing a smile to the viewer, offering a hint of something educational, maybe even a few life lessons, using a subject matter that everyone loves, is my idea of a great show with multiple seasons. 

What is the subject matter, you ask?

FOOD, well, sort of!

Graham Elliot, Tiffany Derry, Leah Cohen, Alejandra Ramos and Robin Daumit
Graham Elliot, Tiffany Derry, Leah Cohen, Alejandra Ramos and Robin Daumit

Haven’t We Had Enough Food Competition Shows?

Surely there is more the networks can air, in the food and culinary world, than ‘mine is better than yours’

Do you really think food competitions are won because of ‘best dish or cook’?

I can attest to the fact, they are not.

I’ve been in many and have come out the winner often. 

It’s all subjective to the story (often political), the producer wants told, the ethnicity or style of the judges, judging and many other nuances. 


And yet, food is a universal language with naturally beautiful visuals to film and talk about.

Great Things Are Created Around Human Ingenuity

There are many powerful ways to engage an audience to want to come back for more, in the entertainment world. 

The only thing you must do, is create something that feels personal, specific to the viewer. 

Having a viewer walk away from a television show feeling good about what they just watched, is needed now, more than ever, don’t you think? 

We have enough dang competition swarming all around us in politics.

We need entertainment, to feel… entertaining! 

Multiculturalism And Food

Having spent a greater part of my life immersed in multicultural environments, gave me much to write about. 

Multiculturalism - More Than A Word, A Lifestyle
Multiculturalism – More Than A Word, A Lifestyle

As I contemplated fulfilling a big dream to create a television series, it became clear to me what the subject matter had to be about. 

All Inclusive!  

And in the food entertainment industry, so many aspects are left out. 

I Have Written A New TV Show For The New Leaders In The Culinary World 

‘Food Bloggers’ unite to showcase signature dishes from across America, the twist being, they must also feature a local produce or artisan.

Not simply another ‘chef showcase’ but rather shining a spotlight on the suppliers of the food industry as well!

After all, it is their hard work and contribution to the great food we have to cook with that is what sets the Mood for our Food.


Television Networks Have Some Catching Up To Do!

How have the Networks missed this!

Appearing out of nowhere, and in double quick time, the Food Blogger has come to dominate the culinary world. 

Riding the social media platforms and gathering hordes of loyal foodie followers. 

Culinary bloggers have supplanted the cookbooks and magazines that were once the staple of every kitchen. 

Food Blogger News Clip - Unknown
Food Blogger News Clip – Unknown

They are the remorseless photographers, story tellers, explorers and guides to the cuisine of every culture. 

They rise and fall in astonishing numbers and flourish creatively in every niche of the food world, gathering and inspiring young viewers as well. 

Big Dreamers? Yes Indeed I Aspire To Be One Of Them!

In 2019, when I first created this television concept, I call it ‘The Camera Eats First’. 

It was then, that I created a sample sizzler, wore all the hats in its production. 

(be kind, I’m a rookie film producer wanna be!)

The Camera Eats First

Then came the pandemic, which gave me the recluse time to learn the art of script writing, using Final Draft, a professional platform for both a feature film and television series. 

That very strange year encouraged me to explore a more ‘all inclusive’ approach to cooking and the stories I share on my blog. 

Growing your own food, visiting local farmers, both plant and ranch farmers, being invited to go out on a working watermen’s boat to observe the long hours and rough weather they endure to provide us with seafood.

These learning opportunities, honed my concept even further.

Big Dreams Come In Many Forms

As the bread crumbs of life continued to feed my creative path in life, last year I was invited to film an 8-episode series with PBS called The Great American Recipe

The passion each contestant brought to the program, with pride in the various multi-cultural foods each would prepare, solidified my concept in the show that must be made.

The Great American Recipe With PBS - My Muffin Madness Cookbook by Robin Daumit
The Great American Recipe With PBS – My Muffin Madness Cookbook by Robin Daumit

The name for the show has also changed to ‘Mood For Food’ because just about everything under the sun can affect our mood for something we become inspired to cook. 

Now… I just need a Production Company!  

No – I Am Not An Aspiring Screenwriter

I am not a professional writer!

Everyday, all day long, for nearly ten years, I write about food and lifestyles

Does that make me a professional writer?

Even the 4 books I have published were done so with an audience in mind, and not as a grand literary writer. 

4 Times Published Author - Robin Daumit
4 Times Published Author – Robin Daumit

Do you need to be a professional writer to write a great television series, tv script or non-scripted reality show?

Don’t you think being able to write an exhilarating conversation starter is what will captivate an audience?

Incredible things happen from there!

Then, for goodness sake, Lights Camera Action, and somebody take a look at my storyboard and lets create this television pilot!

Lights Camera Action!
Lights Camera Action!

Feed Your Dreams – With Gordon Ramsay

So… There was this:

“Do you have an established food-based business that could use some cash? 

Is your passion for food destined to make you a star? 

Well, Fox and Gordon Ramsay want to help with the “Feed Your Dreams” contest!

If you have a restaurant, food truck, or other food-based business that is your passion, we want to hear why your business deserves to be on Boston 25 Morning News and to have the chance to win $2,500 to fund your business. 

Please tell us about your established business, and you’ll be entered for a chance to appear live on the Boston 25 Morning News and to win $2,500 towards your business.” 

Like a silly nilly, I entered. 

The question “What would you do with the $2,500 if you win” was easy to answer. 

I’d give it to Gordon Ramsay for 10 minutes of his time to give me his feedback on the show I’ve written. 

Turns out… it was only for Boston (eyes rolled).

But you see, I feel so certain about this new culinary program that I would have handed over winnings, to Gordon Ramsay (who certainly doesn’t need it), just for his opinion. 

Do You Feel Most Television Programs Aim For Specific Audiences?

Growing up in the 60’s, it seemed as though some programs were geared for women, others for men, and then there were the shows for kids. 

The industry standard seemed to contribute to our television sets creating divisions within a family, rather that provide opportunities for them to have a greater amount of time together. 

Then, food programs began to bring folks of all backgrounds, ages and ethnicities together for the common passion of cooking. 

Bringing families together for hands-on activities is quickly becoming a favorite past time, and that to me is good news!

The Vision. The Execution. The Delivery.
The Vision. The Execution. The Delivery.

There Is One Subject Sure To Capture The Attention Of Every Audience 

While cooking shows provide educational value, they are equally entertaining. 

For this reason, I wanted to provide an inspiring example in the form of a visual (ie video), which is the best way I know how to present a visual story. 

  • The first step, was to put myself in the place of each person in the story; host, food blogger, film producer.
  • An important thing is learned when you approach visual storytelling in this way, much like when I answered phones, swept and washed hair, all before I actually had a full book of clients as a hairdresser. 
  • With a little help from a local cattle farmer, my brother in law who is a 4th generation waterman, I was able to get all the ‘field’ photography I wanted to support telling the concept of this culinary story. 
  • My first take away, from wearing all the hats, is how much hard work goes into each and every person’s contribution; from the camera work, the life of the farmer, waterman, dedication and passion of the food blogger and then the endless hours of the editor, who makes all the footage come together into a beautiful, well told story.  

Hello You Producers – The Networks Are Waiting For You!

Wrapping up this presentation, of mine, to anyone who is listening, I am fully aware that these ‘big dogs’ purchase films already produced, more than they fund to have them produced themselves. 

While there is a long list of producers I could approach to see if they would embrace this new show concept, there’s another stumbling block; they are unapproachable without a literary agent. 

“We do not accept unsolicited scripts or show ideas”!

So you see… like a dog chasing its tail, you can have the most amazing Big Dream, with all the potential to making that dream a reality, but until you find the key that unlocks a secret door, you simply run round and round and round!

And so… I continue to press on!

Where All The Hats In Film Production So You Know What Each Department Is All About
Where All The Hats In Film Production So You Know What Each Department Is All About
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