Freeze Grocery Eggs

Who knew you can Freeze Grocery Eggs, or any eggs, when you’ve bought too many or a shortage is in sight and you want eggs months from now?

Freeze Your Grocery Eggs
Freeze Your Grocery Eggs

Grocery Eggs And The Pandemic

When Covid-19 first hit America, and we scattered in all directions, sending us all into ‘stay home’ vibe, we scrambled to figure how to live in lockdown.

There was one ingredient I knew I wouldn’t want to live without, should it become difficult to grocery shop, and that is Eggs!

Eggs In My Kitchen

You could call it an Egg Obsession but the truth is I love to bake and eggs are often a key ingredient in my baking.

I am also too busy cooking for a camera to take time out to eat lunch or a full-on dinner, and so I often rely on eggs as my protein for a meal.

Since I don’t have any chickens running around my yard, I knew the next best thing was to freeze eggs for dooms-day times!

Freeze Your Grocery Eggs?

Freeze eggs, you ask? Yep! Eggs will freeze beautifully if you follow a few simple ways to go about it; and no, you don’t just pop the entire egg, shell and all, into the freezer.

While you won’t be able to fry that perfect egg, with white on the outside and yolk sitting proud on the inside, you can do just about everything else with your frozen eggs.

They also take up very little room in the freezer, if they are packed and stacked tightly.

I wanted to share an easy trick to plan ahead for difficult grocery times ahead. I learned that you can freeze your grocery eggs from my son, who is an executive chef and knows way more about food than I do.

Grocery Egg Abundance

With Easter up and coming, I noticed that grocery stores often plan ahead and have an abundance of eggs the weeks leading up to Easter.

That was when I first learned about freezing eggs. I would buy several dozen, have small zip plastic bags handy, and freeze a few eggs per bag.

Freezing Grocery Eggs Is Frugal And Smart

I wish I was that homecook that had a few chickens in my backyard. My mom, a city gal (back in the day), tried her hand at raising chickens, later in life.

The chickens produced tons of eggs, needed lots of attention, and the yolks were not yellow but rather a bright orange, they were so dang healthy!

But, I am not that gal that’s getting up at sunrise to take care of chickens year-round, so instead, I look for good quality eggs at a good price.

When I find a good price, I buy plenty of eggs and freeze those eggs to use in all my baked goods.

Many Recipes From Frozen Eggs

You can make so many dishes once you thaw these little pouches of eggs. Take a look at the brief video (above), for ‘how-to’ and a few recipe ideas below.

  • Egg SouffleEggSouffle
  • Spinach SouffleSpinach.001
  • Orange Cake – Just a bunch of eggs, oranges, ground nuts and a little sugar. Orange&Egg
  • Then there is always an Omelette, using any leftovers, or odds and ends in the freezer. Scrambled.001
  • A Frittata, which is really just an omelette with a pinch of flour to make is fluffy.

How To Freeze Eggs

  • Be consistent and freeze 4 eggs per bag, these will work for most recipes, or just 2 if you are solo
  • Snack-size zip bags, opened and set in a small container so you can fill them
  • In a pourable cup, lightly whisk 4 eggs
  • Transfer to the zip bag, press the air out and zip
  • Line several of these egg-filled bags in a plastic container and freeze
  • Once they are frozen, the bags of eggs can be stacked in the freezer
  • Thaw an hour or so before needing

Plan Ahead. You will be glad you did!!

Freeze Grocery Eggs
Freeze Grocery Eggs
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