Boos And Booze Halloween Dinner Party (video)

Boos and Booze Halloween dinner party for adults, is our time to be kids again, only with delicious, theatrical and whimsical food made to wow.

A Boos and Booze Menu Set On Each Plate To Tantalize Expectations
A Boos and Booze Menu Set On Each Plate To Tantalize Expectations

Halloween Dinner Party For Us Adults!

Who said Halloween was just for kids!! Maybe it’s the kid in me, but I have so much fun with all the witchery, magic and potions of Halloween.

So why not take that fun into the kitchen, throw a fabulous dinner party and ignite the kid in all of your dinner guests!

Witches Brew Happening
Witches Brew Happening

Boos And Booze Halloween Dinner Party For Adults

When you’re a foodie, like me, you’re always looking for a way to celebrate a fun dinner party with friends.

While dressing up in costumes for Halloween is always lots of fun, a ‘Creepy’ gourmet dinner party can be the perfect way for adults to have all the fun for Halloween!

Boos and Booze Dinner Party Teaser

Booze Cocktails and The Moon

While there are a gazillion cocktails to choose from for an adult Halloween party, I wanted to create a new one!

Around Halloween time we often think of a harvest moon because Halloween falls at the end of harvest season.

Another moon that comes to mind is the Blue Moon or Super Moon.

Why the moon? Because creepy things happen when there is a full moon. Just ask any ER nurse or ambulance affiliate.

Full moons cause a rise in water levels and since we are made up mostly of water, it causes a stir in our energy.

More moms go into labor on the night of a full moon than any other time.

Blue Moon Cocktail
Blue Moon Cocktail

Signature Halloween Cocktail

Blue Moon Cocktail became my cocktail creation to celebrate this fun and very adult Halloween party!

It’s a simple cocktail of vodka, coconut milk and Blue Curacao, but it is not only amazingly delicious but it has a color presentation you won’t soon forget!

Creepy Fish-Tail Appetizers

Cashew Cheese & Anchovy Tarts are a fun appetizer that also happens to be perfect for those non-dairy, waist-conscious guests.

Crunch tart shells, creamy cashew cheese and a little salty zing from the tail of an anchovy, makes this appetizer not only healthy and delicious but also lots of fun to make and eat.

Cashew cheese & anchovy tarts
Cashew Cheese & Anchovy Tarts

Squid Ink Pasta

Squid Ink Pasta & Squid makes for the perfect creepy entree to serve dinner guests.

Creepy tentacles, wormy looking black pasta and lots of green things popping out.

But, once your guests get over the giggles of how fun this dish looks, they will be asking for seconds when they taste the complex flavors and tender delicacy of the squid, cooked to perfection!

squid Ink pasta & squid
Squid Ink Pasta & Squid

Pumpkin Ganache and Spice Cake

I promise, you will never have an Autumn dessert as decadent, gourmet or delicious as this dessert I created for our Halloween Adult Dinner Party!

This grand Autumn dessert, Pumpkin Ganache & Spice Cake has 3 components that each taste amazing alone.

But when assembled together, your taste buds are certain to be doing a happy dance; creamy textured pumpkin ganache, exotic spiced cake, topped with cardamom foam.

The cake is made with rye flour, ginger, molasses and Guinness.

The homemade pumpkin spice, pumpkin ganache is so delicious you will be lucky you don’t eat it all before getting it onto the cake.

Cardamom scented cream was going to go into my ice cream maker but on a whim, I purchased a CO2 canister and made my own velvety whipped cream, my new favorite kitchen toy.

Pumpkin Ganache & Spiced Cake with Cardamom Whipped Cream
Pumpkin Ganache & Spiced Cake with Cardamom Whipped Cream

Halloween Dinner Party Recipes

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my fun and delicious Adult Halloween Dinner Party! Each of these amazing recipes can be found on the links above, just click on the recipe you are after and enjoy making a memorable Halloween Dinner Party for your most favorite foodie friends!

Halloween Dinner Party for Adults
Halloween Dinner Party for Adults
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