Asparagus Ends and Garlic Soup Recipe (with video)

Asparagus Ends and Garlic Soup Recipe, with olive oil and basil, makes for a delicious soup, helping not to waste the woody ends of fresh asparagus.

Asparagus Ends and Garlic Soup
Asparagus Ends and Garlic Soup

Who Knew An Asparagus Soup Recipe Made From Asparagus Trash Could Be So Delicious!

Finally, after a long winter, early spring asparagus season is upon us!

This delicious, very spring-like, light meal was created, the week of prepping for the up-and-coming main dish of the Easter dinner. 

There I was, with one large heap of beautiful reserved tips of the asparagus I would serve with the meal, and a huge heap of tough ends of the asparagus. 

I almost threw them in the trash. 

Asparagus Ends That Almost Went In The Trash!
Asparagus Ends That Almost Went In The Trash!

A Food Waste Resolution

Some of my most favorite things I have created in my kitchen have come from scraps, bones and things I probably threw away when I was a young cook, and knew no better. 

The best way to create a vegetable soup is to start the cooking process with scraps, and just boil the heck out of them until their flavors remain in the pot and not the trash or compost pile. 

That was how this scrumptious, nutritious asparagus stock became the base for a light evening meal, served simply with crusty bread

Seeing how I was making bread for appetizers and the Easter meal anyway, I simply made extra for this special meal. 

Special Occasion Appetizer Charcuterie Board
Special Occasion Appetizer Charcuterie Board

Anyone Can Make A Creamy Asparagus Soup

Oh sure, as a young cook, learning lots of fancy recipes, I certainly have made my share of cream of asparagus soup.

Who wouldn’t find the tender reserved asparagus tips easily pureed into a creamy soup.

However, every good cook seeks to challenge themselves to becoming a great cook. 

Often that means stepping away from all the tried-and-true recipes, and start creating new ones from ingredients we may have once overlooked. 

Where Have All The Good Soups Gone?

When it comes to the ‘soup course’ of any great menu, it seems that course has often been removed from the menu

It used to be that soup recipes were carefully planned as the first course to a meal. 

That often meant just a really good clear broth. 

But, life seems changed, in a hurry, and a great soup requires time to simmer and develop flavors. 

I think it’s time we bring this aspect of great dining back to the table.

In fact, my professional chef son Omar Daumit once said, if he were ever to open his own restaurant, it would be Simply Soups.

“Soups are not simple and often mark the abilities of a great chef to be able to impart layers of flavor into a bowl of hot water,” he said!

A Great Soup Has Many Layers Of Flavor
A Great Soup Has Many Layers Of Flavor

How To Make Asparagus Ends Soup

While I can promise you that this soup is just as easy to make as it is delicious to eat, there is one aspect that might test your patience. 

Placing all the ingredients into a large saucepan or soup pot to boil away without any effort on your part is easy.

Extracting the essence, will require a moment of your patience. 

From a huge heap of woody asparagus ends, boiled for about 30-minutes, comes the delicate asparagus essence of the plant. 

How To Express The Asparagus Essence

However, we must press that essence out from the plant. 

While I have used a fine sieve strainer and the back of a spoon, I find owning a Chinois Set, a hard stainless steel sieve with small holes and a wooden pestle, makes the job easier. 

Once the essence is extracted from the asparagus and garlic, placed back into the broth, it can be served right away or stored in an airtight container in the freezer, for future servings. 

If using heavy cream, coconut cream or a dollop of mascarpone or sour cream, this is added just before serving. 

Asparagus – Snapped Not Cut

Dirt To Table

Such a refined soup, you will wonder why you ever threw the end pieces away. 

Remember one thing; the stalk of the asparagus, the hard woody end we throw away, is what grows in the dirt and is often where the most nutrients come from, not the delicate tips!

Equipment Needed

  • Medium large soup pot with a lid
  • Chinois set or fine sieve strainer with a wooden spoon
  • Food processor, blender or immersion blender
  • Measuring cup
  • Measuring spoons
Asparagus Ends and Garlic Soup Ingredients
Asparagus Ends and Garlic Soup Ingredients

Ingredients Needed

  • Asparagus ends
  • Garlic
  • Broth or hot liquid
  • Olive oil or unsalted butter
  • Fresh herbs, basil is perfect for the flavors in this soup
  • Salt
  • White wine (optional)
  • Mascarpone or sour cream (optional)

Garlic Has Many Flavors

Who knew that you could take the strong, sometimes hot flavor of garlic and give it a gentle nutty flavor!

Roasting garlic, with herbs and a little olive oil, give garlic a gentle yet rich flavor.

Roasting Garlic
Asparagus Ends and Garlic Soup Recipe

Asparagus Ends and Garlic Soup

Asparagus ends soup with garlic, fresh herbs and olive oil.
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Course: Soups
Cuisine: Mediterranean Fusion
Keyword: Asparagus Ends Garlic Soup
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes
Servings: 4 servings


  • Food processor Blender or immersion blender will work too
  • Chinois set or fine sieve strainer
  • Medium large soup pot with lid


  • 1 lb Asparagus stalks
  • 4 Garlic cloves
  • 1 quart Hot liquids or Chicken broth
  • 2 tbsp Olive oil or unsalted butter
  • 1/4 cup White wine (optional)
  • 2 tbsp Mascarpone or heavy cream (optional)


  • In a large pot over medium heat bring the vegetable stock, or liquid of choice to a low boil. Drop in the asparagus trimmings, herbs, wine if using, garlic, olive oil or butter and one teaspoon salt at a time and taste before adding more. Put a lid on, turn down to low and simmer for 30-minutes. Cool.
  • Transfer the solid pieces of the mixture to a food processor or regular blender and puree until the mixture is as creamy as possible. 
  • With a fine mesh strainer over the heavy soup pot of liquid, strain the asparagus pulp, pressing with the back of a spoon to release all of the asparagus flavor and creamy substance that has cooked down from the woody asparagus. 
  • Reheat when ready to serve and add a small dollop of mascarpone or drizzle of cream to each bowl when serving. 
  • The same cooking method as above can be done in a pressure cooker or instant pot. 
  • An immersion blender can be used while the asparagus ends are in the soup pot, but needs to be strained once pureed. 


Asparagus Ends and Garlic Soup
Asparagus Ends and Garlic Soup
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