60 IS THE NEW 40!

Grandma Productions!

Life zips by fast and suddenly you’re 60… It doesn’t have to be!

Claim Your Passion

Cooking, for me, is about more than just food. It’s about the people, the stories, the laughter that happen over a great plate of food, in alluring settings.

While I have over 300 YouTube cooking videos (I shot and edited myself), a lifetime of experience cooking foods from many cultural travels, I have found an exciting new way to inspire YOU to live agelessly. Having stepped into the filmmaking world, I am excited at the possibilities of having a show of my own!

In my 40’s I was up to my eyebrows in raising children, honing my skills and discovering my passions. At age 60, I am totally clear what my passions are and how to make them my reality!

Visual Storytelling

In the Sizzle Reel above, it was me (crazy as I am), that wore all the production hats, All! Now it is time to do this on a grander scale. Grace and Frankie… Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin (The Kominsky Method), make a little room for these gals to support your identical message: Age Is Only A Number!

Every Meal Tells A Story

Over something yummy to eat and drink, we share stories that keep memories alive, encourage adventure, and give our dreams wings! We invite you to become friends with us, if only to share this little place in your life, and hope we share a story that makes you laugh, lick your lips for something yummy to eat, and take away a morsel of something to remember.

Thank you for being you.

Stories Happen Over Great Food

Being from the east coast, Chesapeake Bay area, Crabs are a delicacy for many, a way of life for others. Having a brother in law that is a 4th generation waterman of the Chesapeake Bay, our family is gifted by the treasures he brings us from the bay. A favorite summertime light-fare dish: Crab Towers With Avocado and Mango Salsa.

Blueberry Smoothie Bowl Muffin

Blueberry Smoothie Bowl Muffin? How would you like a smoothie bowl to-go? Baked with oats, eggs, yogurt, plump blueberries, all the things you would want in a healthy smoothie, only baked into a muffin.

Breakfast time around here, in the lazy days of summer, out in the countryside (hah, 20-minutes outside the nation’s capital), we do breakfast or brunch like this!

Chicken and Waffles The Perfect Picnic Sandwich
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