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Who said Halloween was just for kids!! Maybe it’s the kid in me, but I have so much fun with all the witchery, magic and potions of Halloween and so why not take that fun into the kitchen, throw a fabulous dinner party and ignite the kid in all of […]


There is always something magical about the SEA! Treasures seem to magically lie within. SEAFOOD is my favorite treasure deep within the waters of an ocean, sea, or river. Sometimes they skim the top, while others love to lie deep within the mud. Nonetheless, they are all delicious! I have […]


A refreshing approach to meal time, using many things already in your fridge. A few sauces, and broth concoctions, and before you know it, you have a spread to satisfy every picky eater. NOODLES. Udon, Ramen, regular spaghetti, or a variety of gluten free noodles, will need to be cooked […]


Halloween is a fun time to plan a dinner party! The ambiance, the chill in the air, a crackling fire, and the food make for a very “grown-up” evening. Squid ink pasta is a delicious first course. Throw in a few squid tentacles, lightly bathed in hot brew of olive […]


As a first-class cook, I am going to stick my neck out and say something I am sure to get chopped for, “The uneducated palate eats everything fried”! Squid, for example; nine times out of ten, people eat it fried. Why? Because options are rarely available. This recipe is sure […]