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Do you have a cold already? The flu? REALLY! We haven’t even put our flip flops away yet!! I have one word for you: HYDRATE. I have lots of words for that cold. We each have our little remedies and potions to deal with cold and flu season, but the most […]


Homemade Lemonade is not just for summertime! I make a batch of this and keep it in my fridge often. It is perfect for cocktails, added to confection sugar for icing on a cake, warmed during sore-throat season, or simply drink it for a very refreshing cool drink! You can […]


Winter colds. Spring Allergies. Throat in need of relief? Got just the thing for you! There are lots of reasons our throat feels out-of-sorts, and homemade remedies are far more effective than anything you can buy. This soothing throat tonic will last 2 weeks in the fridge and be ready to […]


Doesn’t everyone have a favorite recipe for a Zucchini Bread? Well, here is mine. And yes, I will boast that mine is probably healthier than the recipe you’ve got tucked away somewhere. Tastier too! Rapeseed Oil, and Kefir are my two magical ingredients. Let’s chat a bit about those two. […]


I am a Yellow, Orange, and Green kinda gal. These colors capture my attention and inspire me. When the greys of winter set in and there is no green on the trees, and very little sunshine lighting my day, I find my solace in these colors.  Citrus fruits satisfy my […]