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Simple Pleasures these days. I’ve been writing 🤫 Two hours a day I make myself stop the busyness of the day, make tea and a nibble, and go sit where I can hear birds, smell earth, and write. Many of you have encouraged me to write stories I’ve never been […]


If you are wondering what on earth eyebrows have to do with Whisking and Dining, you didn’t read Blabber-Mouth Camera! As food bloggers, lifestyle vloggers, or simply the millions of selfie lovers capturing their everyday life on social media, it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve before […]


I am a Food Blogger, a Lifestyle Vlogger and a Film Producer of stories I love to share. Lights, camera, action? Hardly! “It ain’t that easy y’all”! If I am filming something I plan to be in, it takes as much time to prepare me, as it does the set, […]