Solo Valentine Dinner Date (with video)

A Solo Valentine Dinner Date, is one I have done often and want to inspire you to try as well; after all, who better to love first, than yourself!

Valentine Dinner Date Solo
Valentine Dinner Date Solo

Valentine Dinner Date – Solo

Valentine Day, some say, is a silly day. Buy flowers, buy candy, buy love. No, I’m not a cynical person, quite the contrary; I am a lover of life and all of its many loves. 

And so Valentine day, for me, is more about the Valentine Loves of our life, rather than a ‘one night date’ celebration.

Unless you have something to market or sell on Valentine Day, this story might be just what you need to read or share with someone who does!

Don’t you think it’s time to ponder the many ways to best celebrate Valentine day, especially if it means we might celebrate it solo?

Me Time Dinner Date
Me Time Dinner Date

Valentine Day Ouch!

Have you ever stepped into a marriage or relationship for all the wrong reasons? I have, more than once, I am not embarrassed to say. It’s life, we learn (hopefully), and we move on. 

Moving on, doesn’t have to feel as though we’re alone. We are simply ‘changing lanes’. But, what if Valentine Day happens to fall on a day in which we are still in the middle of changing lanes? 

We shouldn’t allow the day to feel like a slap in the face. On the contrary, what a fabulous day to give ourselves an extra special hug and dinner date with a very favorite person; Me!

A perfect time to catch up on a great book, or even better, start writing your own. They say everyone is good for at least one book in their lifetime.

Why not start your memoir now; you never know what that could lead to!

I started writing my first book, Confessions of a Hairdresser, published it in 2008 and now I have taken excerpts from the book and written the script for a television show. See what you can do with ‘me-time’!

Confessions Of A Hairdresser
Confessions Of A Hairdresser

What To Do On A Solo Dinner Celebration?

Photos. We now store all our photos on our phone. Many, we’ve forgotten about or can’t find when we want them. 

How about selecting some of the most meaningful shots from the year, have them printed out, pick up a new photo album, as a little gift to yourself, enjoy reliving those moments while putting them into a photo album. 

You will be quickly reminded of the many people you love, whom also love you. You will relive beautiful places you’ve been or things you’ve done.

Valentine solo dinner date will soon feel like a beautiful gift you have given to yourself. 

If photos are not your thing, how about magazine articles or recipes you’ve been saving?

Many years ago, like back in the 80’s, I saved all my favorite food magazines, tore out my favorite recipes, put them in plastic sleeves and saved them all in binder notebooks.

I love my collection of culinary treasures that bring stories from all over the world, right into my kitchen.

A Dinner Date With Myself

A ‘dinner date with myself’ doesn’t just apply to Valentine day; it could be any day we are feeling the need to have special ‘me time’!

Take the time to put on something that makes you feel good about the way you look; hair, a splash of cologne, makeup (if applicable).

Set a cozy date-night spot with candles, a warm throw and lots of pillows. Bring a few of your favorite whimsical things into the space for the evening.

Make a favorite meal to enjoy, with something special you enjoy to sip on!  

Valentine Solo: A Date With Me!

Two Dinner Recipe Choices

Not everyone likes to eat the same type of food, but tonight You will get to enjoy a favorite dinner, just for you.

I chose a warm east coast Beef Ribs dish or a very Cali-style Buddha Bowl, for you to select from. Or, if you are really in the mood to cook something special for yourself, you could make the Buddha Bowl as an appetizer size and the Beef Ribs as an entree!

The short ribs cook low and slow, all by themselves without any fuss from you, while the Buddha bowl comes together in 30 minutes, making these two very different dishes, the perfect way to go.

The Shrimp and Quinoa Buddha Bowl is vibrant in color from veggies and fruits, protein rich from seasoned quinoa and flavor satisfying from a few traditional Eastern spices.

Shrimp and Quinoa Buddha Bowl
Shrimp and Quinoa Buddha Bowl

The Beef Short Ribs are simmered low and slow in a marinade of pomegranate juice, Aleppo pepper, spices and red wine.

By the time it’s ‘fall off the bone’ tender, a quick roast of fingerling potatoes dusted in herbs will be ready to serve alongside.

Wine and Pomegranate Slow Roasted Short Ribs
Wine and Pomegranate Slow Roasted Short Ribs

A Dinner Date With Ourselves Anytime Of Year

The two meals I have chosen as options or served together could be prepared anytime of year. Planning something special to do, makes it all the more a reason to carve out this time for ourselves. 

It doesn’t have to be a photo album evening. Maybe it’s a diary we are behind on jotting entries. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to publish a book, or a memoir; this could be the perfect time to have an evening all to yourself to start jotting down those ideas. 

 Valentine Dinner Date Options
Valentine Dinner Date Options

Valentine Dessert At Home

Dinner is chosen. Photos are printed out and a photo album has been purchased. The time has been set aside just for you, so lets wrap up this fabulous evening with a fabulous dessert!

Most of us can all agree on chocolate. I have created a recipe for a ‘healthyish’, do-ahead Almond Crusted Chocolate Pie for dessert. 

Make something delicious to eat, do something special for you and allow yourself to appreciate the concept of A Dinner Date with yourself as a personal hug to you; because you are worth it!

Almond Crusted Chocolate Pie
Almond Crusted Chocolate Pie
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