Poached Egg Potato Latkes

Poached Egg Potato Latkes, are perfectly poached eggs over homemade potato latkes with a sliver of smoked salmon. Absolutely this makes for a decadent holiday or weekend brunch indulgence!

Potato latkes and perfectly poached eggs.
Potato Latkes and Perfectly Poached Eggs

Poached Egg Potato Latkes

Holiday brunch never felt more like a holiday than with this amazing and oh so easy recipe. 

Latkes, Rosti, Hash browns are all really just a big ole potato pancake. Pancake, you ask? No, not as in, egg and flour pancakes. 

These fantastic additions to brunch are nothing short of ‘down-home’ delicious! Three ingredients go into this delicious potato recipe; grated potato, salt, butter to cook. Sure you can add other ingredients but you really won’t need to. 

What Are Latkes?

Latkes aren’t pancakes, because they have only grated potatoes and onions in them. No flour. 

They aren’t deep fried, like French fries. Not swimming in butter and oil the way many potato sides are cooked. 

Latkes are grated potatoes with the moisture squeezed out so that when they hit a hot pan, they cook quickly, with minimal oil, to a light crispy round, making them ideal to serve a poached egg on. 

Grated potatoes
Grated Potatoes

Potato Crust

While a potato latkes is kind of like a potato pancake or even hash browns, it seemed the perfect approach for replacing the dough in my quiche!

Same concept; grated potatoes, onions and spices pressed together and baked along with a favorite quiche.

Potato Latkes Ingredients
Grated Potatoes and Latkes Ingredients

Potato Crusted Quiche is not only a better crust than a flour crust but it’s like having a giant french fry wrapped around a yummy quiche. 

So darn delicious that I made it on a PBS television show that will air in summer of 2022, but shhhhhhh, I can’t tell you about the show until they give the green light! So Good!

Potato crust
Potato Crust

Eggs For Brunch

While there are so many delicious ways to prepare eggs for that holiday or weekend brunch, I prefer to let the egg be the star and not mix it with lots of ingredients. 

A poached egg sitting on top of anything, just allows the egg to get the attention first. A little salt and pepper and that’s about it. 

Unless you are willing to get a little fancy and make a luscious Cloud Egg, which is really much like a poached egg only the whites and yolks are cooked separately. 

Cloud Eggs
Cloud Egg

The yolk is still drippy, but the whites have been whited to clouds and briefly cooked first in the oven before popping the yolk in the center to finish cooking in the oven. 

Either way, poached or clouds, a showstopper egg sitting on top of a crisp latkes is nothing short of fabulous!

Poached Eggs

Who doesn’t love the perfectly poached egg! It sits high and proud on the plate and when a fork goes into the center, luscious, creamy, fatty yellow yolk streams out over whatever it’s being served on top of. Yum!

When I was a kid, I used to ask my mom for a ‘drippy egg’ when she was making eggs. Where I got that from, I’m not sure but to this day, that is how I like my eggs; well unless they are hard boiled and going into a salad. 

Poaching an egg.
Poaching An Egg

How To Cook The Perfect Poached Egg

I used to be intimidated to poach an egg. I even bought an expensive egg poacher, which made the poached egg look like it had been cooked in a factory. 

Then, I went into a professional kitchen (my son is a chef), and watched how lots and lots of poached eggs were cooked at the same time. Wow!

In a pot of boiling water with a small drizzle of white vinegar, the egg gets cracked open and gently poured into the boiling water. Not crazy rapid boil, but a nice movement. 

With a slotted spoon you quickly gather the whites and move them towards the yolk so they cook nicely into a mound and not sprawled out all over the water. Lift them out after about three minutes and set them on a plate, or parchment paper (if you are doing several and plan to served shortly but not right away).


Protein With Poached Eggs and Latkes

Sure you can serve these delicious brunch showstoppers with a little bacon or sausage, but why not bring the smoke flavor to the dish with smoked salmon!

Smoked salmon is the perfect flavor pairing with the crisp potato and rich gooey poached egg. One less thing to cook too!

Ingredients Needed

  • Russet Potatoes
  • Salt
  • Black pepper and Cayenne pepper
  • Butter
  • Eggs
  • Smoked salmon
  • Chives
  • White Vinegar
 latkes ingredients
Latkes Ingredients

Equipment Needed

  • Box grater
  • Chopping board
  • Chopping knife
  • Saute pan
  • Measuring cup
  • Measuring spoons
  • Medium stock pot
  • Slotted spoon
  • Spatula
  • Sieve
  • Stovetop or burner
Poached Egg Potato Latkes

Poached Egg Potato Latkes

Perfectly poached eggs over a homemade potato latke and a sliver of smoked salmon.
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Course: Breakfast u0026amp; Brunch, Eggs
Cuisine: European
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 40 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Servings: 2 servings
Calories: 300kcal


  • Russet potatoes – 2 medium large, peeled or not and grated
  • Salt – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Black pepper or Cayenne pepper – just a pinch
  • Butter – 3 tbsp
  • Eggs – 4, room temperature
  • Smoked Salmon – 4 oz.
  • Chives – 1 tbsp finely chopped
  • White vinegar – 1 tbsp


  • Have the grated potatoes ready in a bowl, liquid squeezed out. Add salt and pepper and toss. Separate into 2 heaps for the 2 latkes you will make.
  • Get a non-stick pan hot. It helps to use a pan the size of the plate you will serve it on. If you don’t have one, use what you have then cut the latkes to fit the plate after it is cooked.
  • Put 1 tablespoon of butter in the pan, swirl around, place one heap of grated potatoes in the pan, flatten and cook on medium heat for about 10 minutes. Place a little sliver of butter on top the latke just before flipping it over. Cook the other side about 5 minutes or until it looks nice and golden in color. Remove from the pan and keep in a low warm oven. Make the other one. The latkes can stay in a low warm oven while you prepare the eggs.
  • In a medium size pot, filled half way with water, add vinegar and bring to a boil with lid on.
  • It helps to crack open the eggs into 4 individual little cups. Have a paper towel or parchment paper on a plate. When the water boils, drop one egg in at a time and with a slotted spoon, swirl the water for a second and set a timer for 3 minutes. If the pot is large enough and you feel confident enough, do two eggs at a time. Remove the egg with the slotted spoon and set on paper towel. Do the same with the other eggs.
  • Prepare the plate by placing one latkes per plate. Arrange a slice or two of salmon on top of the potato latke, set 2 poached eggs on top and sprinkle chopped chives and serve.


Calories: 300kcal
Poached Egg Potato Latkes
Poached Egg Potato Latkes
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6 months ago

LOVE this recipe… so good. Made these and they came out great.