LAUREL Skin Care – Plant Food For Skin

LAUREL Skin Care Plant Food For Skin, Seed To Bottle, just as our healthiest food is seed to table; nourishment inside and out! 

Laurel Skin Care - Plant Food For Skin
Laurel Skin Care – Plant Food For Skin

Food We Feed Our Skin

If you’ve never heard of LAUREL, seed to bottle skin care, you’re in for the most beautiful treat your skin has ever known. 

Having been a cosmetologist for over 40-years, I’ve seen skin and hair products come and go. 

However, like the old-fashioned way of cooking great food from scratch, using home or farm grown products, and organic plants to nourish the food you eat, your skin should be no different. 

How Skin Works

How slow, we humans are, to analyze products we put on and in our body. 

It has only been in recent years that we have caught on, that medication can enter our bloodstream through Transdermal Administration (through the skin). 

So, can you think of a better way to feed and nourish our skin, the largest organ of our body, than through ‘transdermal’ feeding?

Isn’t that what the very best skincare products are supposed to be doing?

It’s time we all take a closer look at what is in our skincare, and determine if it’s right for us. 

how skin works
How Skin Works

Laurel’s Plant Nourishment

LAUREL works hand in hand with partnering regenerative, organic and biodynamic farms within 100 miles of their apothecary-lab just north of San Francisco. 

Laurel’s namesake line captures California’s hearty terrain and natural abundance in each and every bottle. 

From the time I was a teenager, entering into the cosmetologist industry, I became most passionate about hair and skin products I could make from the wholesome food I also would cook with. 

That was many decades ago and yet if you are familiar with my style of cooking, most often Mediterranean ingredients, you know how passionate I am about natural products contributing to vibrant health. 

I want the same from the products I put on my body, don’t you?

Let Me Introduce You To The Rich Choices Of Seed To Bottle Products Produced By LAUREL

In each section of skin care, I provide a link, to take you to Laurel’s Store.

There, you can make choices that are right for you and they will be sent to your home, here in the United States. 

If you are unsure which product, in each section, Laurel offers you a clickable “At-A-Glance Journal” to help you with your decision, to understand what is right for you.

Enjoy and Indulge!

Cleansing The Skin

The primary difference in Laurel’s approach to cleansing versus conventional or commercial skin care is that none of the Cleansers Foam. 

All foaming cleansers – no matter how gentle or plant-based – can negatively affect the protective layer of the skin. 

Just as I have spoken to you about the only haircare product I will use HAIRSTORY, in which the shampoos do not foam either, for this same reason!

Laurel Cleansers


Laurel Skin believes that less is more, when it comes to exfoliation. 

The healthier the skin is, the less need there is to exfoliate.

So let’s get you there. 

Laurel Exfoliants
Laurel Exfoliants


Hydration is vital for healthy skin – whether you’re oily or dry – and hydrating Elixirs are the primary source of hydration. 

Laurel Elixirs
Laurel Elixirs


Herbal allies for you skin – intended for you to create a plant medicine cabinet of your very own. 

These highly concentrated whole plant supplements, are meant to be added to your skin ritual by the drop. 

Laurel Compounds
Laurel Compounds


Distilled from a variety of plants, Hydrosols are used as skin medicine for both body and spirit. 

A unique aromatic experience, can be used to soothe sore muscles, breathe easier, cool a sunburn, deepen a meditation practice or be misted on linens for a relaxed sleep. 

Laurel Hydrosols
Laurel Hydrosols


The second half of a two-step approach to moisturizing, serums technically fall into the ‘facial oil’ category. 

The micro dosed essential oil goes unnoticed for most as an ‘oil substance’, leaving each serum instead, with a mildly earthy and herbal scent. 

Laurel Serums
Laurel Serums


Each of the Laurel Masks are formulated to treat a specific set of skin concerns and are in a raw, dry, and powdered form. 

These luxurious masks are activated by mixing them with water before each use. 

Laurel Masks
Laurel Masks


As an alternative to facial creams, Balms are deeply nourishing and an extra moisturizing step for those who have drier skin, live in drier climates or need extra barrier support. 

Laurel Balms
Laurel Balms

Eye & Lip

Offering different textures and moisture levels, expect a richer texture and higher level of moisture from Eye Balm, while Eye Serum offers a lighter texture and moisture level, perfect for use under makeup. 

Different from more conventional, Laurel’s two Lip treatments offer a higher wax content. 

They are lightweight and meant to absorb for deep conditioning and repair. 

Laurel Eye & Lip
Laurel Eye & Lip


Laurel’s Body Oils and Anointing Oil include house made gemstone essences to capture the energetic balancing qualities of crystals. 

Unique Body Oils function more like body serums, bring the balance of moisturizer, skin repair treatment, and elemental protection oil, all in one. 

Laurel Body
Laurel Body

By Concern

When looking for a completely formulated selection for specific Skin Concerns, you will want to delve into what has been chosen for you, based on your personal and specific concerns. 

Dry/Dehydrated Skin

Laurel dry/dehydrated skin
Laurel Dry/Dehydrated Skin

Acne/Blemish Prone Skin

Laurel acne/blemish prone skin
Laurel Acne/Blemish Prone Skin

Oily/Congested Skin

Laurel Oily/Congested Skin
Laurel Oily/Congested Skin

Sun Damaged Skin

Laurel Sun/Damaged Skin
Laurel Sun/Damaged Skin

Healthy Aging Skin

Laurel healthy aging skin
Laurel Healthy Aging Skin

Sensitive/Reactive Skin

Laurel Sensitive/Reactive Skin
Laurel Sensitive/Reactive Skin

Healthy Food For The Body

We will want to remember, as we bring these beautifully healthy skin loving products into our life, eating healthy food, plays as much an important part of beautiful skin, as what we put on it.

Whisk and Dine is here to help you with those choices too!

Robin Daumit At Whisk And Dine
Robin Daumit At Whisk And Dine
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