Christmas Kitchen Magic

Christmas Kitchen Magic is but a WHISK away with a mom, a grandma and a cook, and lots of family and friends to gather at their table!

When I was a little girl, Christmas always felt so magical. But now as a mom, and a grandma, Christmas IS magical!

Christmas 2018


As a little girl, I can remember feeling somewhat sad on Christmas day. Maybe it was the letdown that the sparkle of the month of December was over.

Or maybe because a fairy had not come down to literally light the top of my Christmas tree.

However there was the awareness at a young age that Santa didn’t really put all those gifts under our tree. 

The magic and innocence of children
The Magic and Innocence of Children

The awareness also, that my parents struggled to make ends meet throughout the year to give my sisters and me everything possible, became an awareness early in my teens. 

This robbed me of the thrill of presents, and the worry wondering how they were able to over-indulge my three sisters and me on this one day of the year.


But then, I grew up, had four children of my own, and now three grandchildren, and Christmas has taken on an entirely new magic, and it isn’t for just one day!

It is every day of the year leading up to, and beyond the magic of Christmas day. Somehow, I made the discovery that magic can happen in my kitchen, for my family, all year.

It’s funny how children become the magic, the wonder, excitement and joy for us grownups, no matter whose kids they are. 

Happy Christmas
Happy Christmas!


Food, became the centerpiece of all family celebrations. Not so much as to what we ate, but the excitement of the days leading up to a gathering, what we would cook, how we would present it. 

The thrill of family hanging out in the kitchen preparing various dishes together inspired us to make more food than we could ever eat. 

It reminded me, as it does to this day, much of the excitement that use to thrill me as a child leading up to Christmas day.

Christmas Toast
Fine Dining


Cooking, for me, is more than just the food. It’s about the people that eat it, the laughter and stories that happen over a plate of fabulous food in alluring settings. 

This is what Celebration Magic is all about for me. For this reason, I created Whisk and Dine. My special hiding place for all the recipes, food experiences and storytelling I have to share with whom ever wants to come join me here. 


I am grateful to all who have shared in my journey of Whisk and Dine. It was in this year that I experienced not one, but two opportunities to cook for the Food Network. 

I believe that it was because of my little hiding place here at Whisk and Dine that my stories and cooking style was discovered by something much bigger than I ever expected.  

I am fully expecting the excitement and adventures of this entire year to become the fairytales that flitter around the top of my Christmas tree and the magic that continues to light up my Life!!

Wishing you a Happy Christmas and an Exciting New Year!!


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