Brussels Sprout Onion Jam Sliders

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How To Make Brussels Sprouts Onion Jam Slicers

Quick roasted Brussels sprouts in olive oil and herbs, then stacked onto a skewer with bacon, Brie and Ghost pepper onion jam! 

Brussels Sprout Onion Jam Sliders
Brussels Sprout Onion Jam Sliders

Brussels Sprouts

Who loves Brussels sprouts? Hey! I don’t hear any cheers out there! Truth be known, I love my granddaughter helping me prepare Brussels sprouts but I never loved to eat them… until now!

Brussels Sprout Onion Jam Sliders
Kids Love Veggies!

Cabbage. They smell and look like cabbage, something else I had to create better recipes to enjoy eating. But truth be known, both Brussels sprouts as well as cabbage taste sweet even though they don’t smell sweet. 

Sure, they still smell bad (be honest), but the flavor is quite good and the health benefits are crazy good. We like that, don’t we! 

What Is A Slider

If a mini sandwich, typically about 2 inches across, stacked with a variety of ingredients, neatly held together is a slider; then why not a neatly stacked Brussels sprout on top and bottom with bacon, cheese and a yummy condiment (onion jam also a chutney), in the middle?

I created these Brussels sprout sliders with all the goodies of a regular slider (bacon, cheese and a condiment), because I wanted to ‘love’ eating Brussels sprouts. It worked! 

Brussels Sprout Onion Jam Sliders
Brussels Sliders: The Perfect Sides or Tapas

What To Serve With Brussels Sprout Sliders

Imagine these beautifully presented, gourmet created Brussels Sprout Sliders alongside that Thanksgiving turkey instead of any other Brussels sprout dish you’ve eaten for Thanksgiving. Exactly!

Brussels sprout sliders are scrumptious served with so many dishes; burgers, grilled fish, seared tofu or simply a side to any other dish. 

Brussels Sprout Onion Jam Sliders
Onion Jam On Steak

How To Make Brussels Sprout Sliders

Tossing the Brussels sprouts in olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and lightly roasting them prepares them to be slid onto a skewer stick along with the remaining ingredients.

While the Brussels sprouts roast, go ahead and pop the bacon into the oven to roast as well. Slice the brie into small cubes and get out your jar of onion jam. What? You don’t keep my Ghost Chili Onion Jam in your fridge? Well, no worries, pop over to that recipe and the onion jam can be made as fast as the roasting, going on in the oven.

Brussels Sprout Onion Jam Sliders
Homemade Ghost Chili Onion Jam
Brussels Sprout Onion Jam Sliders
How To Arrange Brussels Sliders

Assembly is easy; simply slide a halved Brussels sprout onto the skewer, or appetizer stick, slide on the sliced bacon, brie and another halved Brussels sprout to hold it all together. (This must be why I called these sliders… lotta sliding going on here!) Drizzle warm onion jam across the sliders and serve!

Ingredients Needed

Equipment Needed

  • Wooden appetizer skewers
  • Mixing bowl
  • Cookie sheet
  • Cutting board
  • Chopping knife
  • Measuring cup
  • Measuring spoons
  • Small spoon
  • Oven

Brussels Sprout Onion Jam Sliders

Recipe by Robin DaumitCourse: Sides, VeggiesCuisine: American



Quick roasted Brussels sprouts in olive oil and herbs, then stacked onto a skewer with bacon, Brie and Ghost pepper onion jam! 


  • Ghost Chili Onion Jam – ¼ cup

  • Brussels sprouts – 24, cut in half on a horizontal cut

  • Olive oil – 2 tablespoons

  • Salt and Pepper – to taste

  • Smoked chili flakes – 1 teaspoon

  • Bacon – 10 slices

  • Brie – 4 oz.

  • Wooden skewers – 24, 6-inch length


  • Preheat oven to 350
  • In a bowl, toss cut Brussels sprouts, olive oil, salt and pepper. Roast on a baking sheet about 25 minutes, until softened but still maintaining their bright color.
  • Cook bacon until brown but still soft enough to pierce with a toothpick. Cool, and cut into squares.
  • Cut brie into ¼ inch thick slices, and then into squares. The idea is to cut the bacon and cheese into sizes that fit between 2 ends of Brussels sprouts, leaving a little showing.
  •  Assemble
  • Place one end of the Brussels sprout on the toothpick, a piece of bacon, then cheese, a quarter teaspoon of onion jam, and finish with the bottom Brussels sprout end. Place on a platter and sprinkle smoked chili flakes across.
  • Serve room temperature or pop in the oven for just one minute, but do not melt the cheese. These will store a day or two in the fridge.
Brussels Sprout Onion Jam Sliders
Brussels Sprout Onion Jam Sliders

My Muffin Madness


In my family, I’ve always been known as the ‘Muffin Queen’. Out of necessity, I created muffins for breakfast, lunch, on the go snacks, sometimes dinner and a sweet yet healthyish treat for dessert!

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Abbe@This is How I Cook

I almost died when I took a taste of a ghost chili at a spice shop near here. But I quickly came back to life which is lucky since I can’t wait to try this! I love Brussels sprouts and this jam sounds killer! Thanks Robin!

5 years ago

Too funny! I too gave Ghost Chili to all the guys in the family with warning labels attached. I think one jar will last my lifetime, but great heat with the right ingredients!

5 years ago

What a unique idea. pinning to try soon

5 years ago

Great idea.


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