I am the Approachable Gourmet!

My approach to food has always been Practical and Healthy, but with an artistic flair. Let’s be real about food; everyday ingredients are what everyone encounters at a market. It’s what we do with them, that sets us each apart in our approach and style to cooking.

While I gathered my taste buds from my Mediterranean heritage, my imagination for creating a more distinctive cuisine developed after years of travel and exposure to international foods. It gave me the courage to do things differently.

My zeal for beauty was awakened at a very young age, as I entered the artistry of making women look beautiful. Creating the outward appearance that best reflected the inward image a woman has of herself, was a career I entered into at the age of sixteen. Hair, makeup, fashion designing, were all part of the aspects I used to achieve a woman’s ultimate presentation. Food, for me, is no different.

Healthy. Delicious. Artsy.

Whether I am cooking for the camera, or preparing a lavish spread for family and friends, I want my culinary offerings to be as alluring to the eye as it is to the lips. Fresh ingredients are what will always inspire my taste buds. My whimsical imagination is what will enliven me to put my own spin on everyday foods.

Join me at my table, where Every Meal Tells A Story!