Month: August 2017


Busy school year meals call for a little help from some friends! Nearly every dish on my blog is made from scratch in my kitchen, but when a homegrown gal from my own home town (Annapolis MD) has passed on her delicious recipes to her three sons, finds her “All […]


Healthy Sweets.  For those who love their sweets AND their figure, this beautifully delicious Blackberry Vegan Cheesecake is for you! There are three easy steps. Once assembled, it chills in the fridge until you are ready to serve. Makes 12 mini or 1 large Crust Pitted dates – 2 cups […]


There is always something magical about the SEA! Treasures seem to magically lie within. SEAFOOD is my favorite treasure deep within the waters of an ocean, sea, or river. Sometimes they skim the top, while others love to lie deep within the mud. Nonetheless, they are all delicious! I have […]