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Food Bloggers

Food Bloggers have become the world’s Food Aficionados. We are an entire Food and Wine, Bon Appetit, Saveur, Cook’s Illustrated, House and Garden, Eating Well and Food Network production company, all rolled into one.

Home Heritage and Recipes

As food bloggers, we create new recipes. We break down the process of preparing those recipes in easy to follow instructions with lots of fun home and heritage stories.

Bloggers venture out to incorporate local products from each of our towns and communities. Props, plates, dinnerware, and all the beautiful elements any professional magazine company will use for their monthly edition, we often produce daily.

The Camera

And then there is the CAMERA! Oh the daunting daily challenges of the camera. With over 10,000 food bloggers in America, you can only imagine the many tricks and secrets we have stumbled across in our daily attempt to wow you.

Our beautiful fans and supporters, feed your eyes with alluring temptations of the most fabulous things you would ever want to put to your lips and to keep you coming back for more.

Television Networks

What TV producer and television network isn’t looking for a new show concept? Well, look no further Food Network, Netflix, PBS and Amazon. I am laying this one in your lap! Let’s see which network is savvy enough to jump on this first!


The video production above is merely a sample of an approach to a Food Bloggers program, I believe, could become as popular as the number #1 top Food Network program: DDD. Check it out for yourself to see if something on these lines is a program you would enjoy to watch.

If so, please share it with your friends on any, and all of your social media platforms because the more interest it generates, the more views it gets. The the faster it will speak loud and clear to the network that will bring it straight to your screen.

Oh… and since I too am a food blogger I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t share the fabulous recipe in the video above with you; a dish I also prepared for a new PBS program that will air in June of 2022!


Beef and Guinness Oyster Pie
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