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I panicked! Ok, call me a hoarder. The thought of not having fresh, crunchy, juicy celery, freaked me out. I saw these beauties still in the produce section of a yet to be mobbed market, like the pretty girl left standing by the dance floor not being asked to dance. […]


Color, crunch, and spice. Sweet Potato Fries are often remembered for these attributes. So why not make them for a side dish, a tapas plate of its own, or a replacement for popcorn when watching your favorite movie. These fries are baked until crunchy with only a light mist of […]


Healthy Sweets.  For those who love their sweets AND their figure, this beautifully delicious Blackberry Vegan Cheesecake is for you! There are three easy steps. Once assembled, it chills in the fridge until you are ready to serve. Makes 12 mini or 1 large Crust Pitted dates – 2 cups […]


Doesn’t everyone have a favorite recipe for a Zucchini Bread? Well, here is mine. And yes, I will boast that mine is probably healthier than the recipe you’ve got tucked away somewhere. Tastier too! Rapeseed Oil, and Kefir are my two magical ingredients. Let’s chat a bit about those two. […]


The most delicate and delicious seafood to enjoy throughout the winter months are OYSTERS! No matter how you eat them, they are always a crowd pleaser. One evening while heading home too late to have had time to prep dinner, I made one quick stop and bought some Oysters. By […]