Mason Jar Lids Baking Hack (with video)

Mason Jar Lids Baking Hack is simply a smart way to bake individual portions, using the lids for tarts, cakes, bread rolls or savory meat pies!

Individual Fruit Tarts With Mason Jar Lids
Individual Fruit Tarts With Mason Jar Lids

An Easy Mason Jar Lid Baking Hack

Our favorite fruit bearing season is just around the corner and this is going to mean lots of pies, tarts and other baked goods. 

So, why not take the extra work out of baking our favorite desserts, with a tip that works for most baked goods. 

What makes this hack smart, is that a recipe designed to produce only one item, such as a cake, pie or loaf of bread, can be turned into an individual serving for each person. 

This makes for a good use of ‘meal prep’ time to be enjoyed now, or pull out of the freezer later, set out to room temperature, and bake. 

Baking Hacks For Meal-Prep Time
Baking Hacks For Meal-Prep Time

Baking Tools And Tips

Certainly you would agree that kitchen tools, for a cook, are like paint brushes to an artist; you can never have enough to make the job more interesting!

Ever notice how expensive the kitchen tools we seek to buy, have become? 

A muffin tin, a tart pan, pans with removable bottoms, bread or cake pans, have become expensive, but they don’t have to. 

That’s why this is a baking hack you are sure to thank me for!

Mason Jar Lids For The Best Ever Baking Hack
Mason Jar Lids For The Best Ever Baking Hack

Mason Jar Lids – Simply A Good Idea

That’s all you need, just the lid from a Mason jar!  

You don’t even have to buy the canning jars to get the lids, mason jar enthusiasts, like me, have plenty in the pantry. 

The perfect size for just a few bites, individual servings, or a lovely platter for a large gathering. 

Elegant Raspberry Tarts In Mason Jar Lids!

Where To Buy Mason Jar Lids?

Formerly I experimented with lids I borrowed from existing jars on my pantry shelf.  

Afterwards, I realized that the possibilities were endless. 

Eventually that led to my search to purchase new lids separately, and not with the glass containers. 

Here is where I found much success and hope you will too:

Multiple Baking Options With Mason Jar Lids

I needed a ‘hack’ to help with all the baking I do, and found that using my Mason jar lids, was a hack I would never be without! 

Mostly because they make the right size for individual portions of a variety of dishes; desserts or savory pies.

The individual portions look special, aren’t messy like a slice of pie, and leftovers remain moist, unlike sliced pies or cakes. 

Elegant and Individual Mason Jar Lid Pies
Elegant and Individual Mason Jar Lid Pies

Why Baking Hacks?

We all know that a really good kitchen hack, makes our job as the cook, so much easier, which is why you are here right now! 

Additionally, making up a batch of pie crusts in the lids ahead of time, takes less time later when you want them. 

How To Use Mason Jar Lids For Baking

When removing the lids from the glass jars, you will notice the metal side, with the logo on the top and tucked under the rim of the lid. 

If you turn the lid over, you will notice a thin rubber ring that is designed to create an airtight seal. 

Before using the lid for baking, you will want to flip the separate part of the lid, with the rubber rim, around so that it is securely pressed into the ring. 

You will know you have done this correctly when you place your baked goods into the lid and you can see the logo looking up at you. 

For an added tip when baking, use cooking spray and place the lids on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet. 

In this way, the lids are easy to fill, place into the oven and remove. 

How To Use A Mason Jar Lid For Baking

Mason Jar Lids For Pie Crusts

When making individual pies or tarts in the Mason jar lids, a homemade pie crust works best.

Make a savory pie crust for individual meat pies, roll out and press dough with a biscuit cutter to fit the lid. 

For equally delicious sweet pie dough, you’ll find more great ideas for fruit tartspumpkin or pecan pies; a great way to add nuts, press and bake for mini pies.  

Mason Jar Lid - Press-In Nut Crust
Mason Jar Lid – Press-In Nut Crust

Since the lid acts as a tart pan, with removable bottoms, it’s easy to pop them out once baked. 

Mason Jar Lids For Cakes

Every favorite cake you might make, bakes fast in medium heat and looks more interesting than a cupcake.

A small scoop of batter, is all that is needed to make a lovely mini cake, to be served as individual servings. 

One batch of cake batter will make about 24 mini desserts, perfect for birthday parties, or freeze some for later. 

Mason Lids Spice Cake
Mason Lids Spice Cake

Mason Jar Lid Hack For Bread Buns

I have found that bread buns are perfectly sized when made in the lids, which is great for holiday bread baskets!  

For a holiday gathering, I was able to make a dozen rolls in the lids with my Homemade Bread Recipe, which baked in 15-20 minutes!

Individual Bread Buns
Individual Bread Buns
Mason Jar Lid Baking Hack
Mason Jar Lid Baking Hack

Depending on your bread recipe, they are easily made into sandwich rolls, slider buns, even perfectly shaped biscuits!

A Mason Jar Lid Baking Hack For Gift Giving

When a holiday rolls around and you are looking for a fun, practical and meaningful gift to give, I have the perfect solution!

In a gift bag, put a box of Mason jar lids, this easy hack story, My Muffin Madness cookbook, a few ingredients and you have a fun gift for just about anyone!  

Mason Jar Lid Baking Hack For Affordable Gift Giving
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