Film Production Time

Film production time often means ‘hurry up and wait’. I’m here. The first cut has already been made. I’m still here. Now what?

What's next?
What’s Next?

What’s Next?

The keys to my car were to be handed over. We are confined to the hotel and its grounds. Masks on at all times, unless in our room or outside alone. Filming during a pandemic called for strict measures. 

Now what’s next? It’s Friday. There would be no visiting the film set, over the weekend.

I have met the other contestants, only briefly when we were asked to gather at a designated location at the hotel, to retrieve documents, masks on. 

On My Own At A Film Production

It seems I have been put on a different floor from where the others are staying. Their rooms are all next to each other. Looks like I’m on my own for the weekend. 

Evening arrived, unsure what I was to do all weekend, and since I still had my car keys, I slipped out to a nearby shopping area to buy a few things to make the hotel room feel more cozy.

Well, actually, I bought a set of white sheets to cover the furniture (who knows who had sat on it), in the room! I know… I’m weird like this. 

Wait For Me!
Wait For Me!

Time To Give Over The Keys

After my little sneak escape, I handed over the keys to my last link with the outside world, went to the hotel’s outdoor cafe for a bite to eat.

Salmon, mango salsa over quinoa. Steak or salmon is usually my safe go-to when dining out. What could go wrong with either? 

Hotel dining
Hotel Dining

Time For Food And A Book

Went back to my room to read a book I brought to inspire me.

Book Inspiration
Book Inspiration

Of course it was about food, but it was by an author who inspired me many years ago. In fact, this author had an adorable recipe published in a Victoria magazine in 1992.

I still have it. It inspired a cookie I made for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. It’s a recipe I’ve tweaked over the years and thought I would make on the show, if I survived long enough. 

Button Cups

Button Cups
Button Cups

Food Time On A Food Show

Morning After – Ugh! By morning, it was clear, I would not be eating hotel food again. I am spoiled when it comes to food. Last night’s food did not sit well with my tummy! Snacks, from home, were my only option now. 

Healthy Snacks
Healthy Snacks

With no kitchenette in the room and only a tiny fridge, I had to think fast how I was going to manage. We could order out, but that was definitely not going to be an option for me.

Amazon and Instacart To The Rescue

Thank goodness for Amazon and Instacart!! Within 12-hours, I had a small electric pot, an egg cooker and some clean, basic groceries delivered to my room.

Rice, Eggs, Veggies and canned Sardines, to supplement the other pantry items I had brought. I busied myself over the weekend developing my survival menus. It made no sense to starve myself in a cooking contest! 


Hotel Room Cooking
Hotel Room Cooking

Thankfully, since I had my car, I would be able to take the cooking items I purchased, home with me.

In truth though, I rationalized that the cost of the cooking items were about equal to two meals at the hotel and if need be, I would leave them behind for someone in housekeeping. 

A Film Production In Historic Virginia

Sunday, the last quiet alone time before the excitement began. I was bored out of my mind! Time to explore historic Virginia, if only at the hotel.

I explored the grounds of the lovely southern hotel, with all its Colonial Jefferson Style, and settled myself down for whatever the days ahead would bring.

Filming In Historic Virginia

Eight episodes are to be filmed and there is no telling how long I will be here. So, I’ve set my mind to enjoying every aspect of every minute while I am in the running.

After all, since the onset of COVID, it’s been 18-months without a social life, travel and the pleasure, I so enjoy of being with people. I am going to enjoy every second of this! 

This about covers all the production preparation. Next, it’s ‘Show Time’!

Episodes 1, until I cook my last meal for the cameras, will be right here on my blog. Wish me luck; in truth though, I’m happy to be here for as long as I am. This is such an adventure, Win, Lose or anything in the middle!

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