Clash of the Grandmas “Home Sweet Grandma” – Sunday, November 20th 2015 at 10pm ET/PT Airs every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas

Clash of the Grandmas, on Food Network, is where I first created Mac and Cheese Crab Rolls!

Four Grandmas Clash On National TV!

First round: The four grandmas are to create a handheld version of Mac and Cheese to hold the family over until dinner. Second round: they have only 30 minutes to make meatloaf for unexpected guests, with the help of unexpected sous chefs: the grandpas! In the final round, two grandmas try to freeze out the competition by producing an ice cream sandwich worthy of the $10,000 prize using liquid nitrogen.

Food Network’s Best Mac and Cheese Ever!

Mac and Cheese Crab Rolls are what I made. Never made them before. Never saw them before, but crazy things go through your brain when 30-Cameras are in your face!

Mac and Cheese Crab Roll
Mac and Cheese Crab Roll

Since then, my Mac and Cheese, not to be found anywhere except right here, has become an incredible hit! Gruyere cheese and lump crab meat, with tiny shell pasta shells, wrapped in phyllo dough and baked to perfection, ‘on time’!

Fast forward since this Food Network program and I have also created a fabulous ‘turkey leftovers’ dish, using this same concept Mac and Cheese Leftover Turkey Roll!

Mac and Cheese Leftover Turkey Roll
Mac and Cheese Leftover Turkey Roll

A Little Drum Roll Please!


Competitors: Robin Daumit (Annapolis, Maryland), Rebecka Evans (Danville, California), Cleo Johnson (Houston, Texas), Barbara Mayo (Collierville, Tennessee)

Judges: Eddie Jackson, Brandi Milloy, Jamika Pessoa

What’s Not To Love About A Battle With Grandmas!

Since this was my first time to compete in a food competition on television, I’m sure I was a deer in headlights.

Were we grandmas supposed to become friends, try to trip each other up? Actually, once I saw one of the grandmas trip and fall I suddenly didn’t care if I won. I just wanted to have fun and not fall!

Clash of the Grandmas – Friends For Life

If you have watched the show, which it airs on Food Network every year, you will know which round I left, or if I won.

After the airing of the show, that evening, several of us, hubby’s included, went to dinner together and had an even better time chatting and becoming friends… for life!

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