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Salad on a stick! Sometimes a little salad on a stick is all we are looking for. Easy to pack in lunches. Perfect for a Tapas spread, picnic food, or an appetizer set out for game day when you want your loved-ones, or guests to have a little something healthy. […]


Cucumbers. The often-forgotten vegetable. Well, think again! The cool refreshing flavor of Tzatziki comes to the aid of spicy food, calms the tummy after a heavy meal, and makes for a perfect tapas dish for any cuisine you have scattered across a Tapas spread. Fast, easy, and oh so yummy! […]


Color, crunch, and spice. Sweet Potato Fries are often remembered for these attributes. So why not make them for a side dish, a tapas plate of its own, or a replacement for popcorn when watching your favorite movie. These fries are baked until crunchy with only a light mist of […]


While soups and sandwiches make for traditional Thanksgiving leftovers, this Mac & Cheese Turkey Roll will fast replace the old tradition! Thanksgiving in a Bite, is what you are sure to say, as all the flavors of sage and onions, celery and roasted turkey are encased in a buttery crunchy […]


A refreshing approach to meal time, using many things already in your fridge. A few sauces, and broth concoctions, and before you know it, you have a spread to satisfy every picky eater. NOODLES. Udon, Ramen, regular spaghetti, or a variety of gluten free noodles, will need to be cooked […]


Quail eggs are so darn cute! They are the perfect size for so many dishes that would not work for a chicken egg. However, on this day of dabbling with quail eggs, it was the marbleized shell that caught my attention. And so, I decided to try to create something […]


I am always tickled when I hear a chef state that cheese and seafood don’t go together. Really? Shrimp and Grits has been a delight of the south for many generations. How boring would grits be without lots of rich, creamy cheese? My rendition of grits for this dish, will […]


Sometimes, chicken just needs to get all dressed up and look fancy! This Moroccan Chicken Roll recipe takes the underrated chicken, and elevates it to a whole new level. Using the breast meat of a cooked whole chicken, (as seen in our Chicken 3 Ways) recipe or simply purchase breast of chicken, […]


There always seems to be a little left-over pie dough when I make pies. These delicious pie crust scraps make for the perfect appetizers. Use them the same day as they were prepared, or flatten into a disk, wrap in plastic, and freeze until needed. When cocktail time demands a […]


  Appetizers are often my favorite, though time consuming, aspects of a meal. And truth be known, I would almost prefer a table of interesting appetizers than a full meal.  Pick and choose as you like, or eat lots of one thing and less of something else. A yummy way […]