Main Dish


  A quick meal that packs a huge punch in flavor, health properties, and visual eye candy! Eggplant Towers are fabulous year-round. The Portobello mushrooms, as well as the eggplant takes on a very meaty texture, making it both filling and delicious. There are several steps in the preparation but […]


Potatoes. I can think of so many delicious ways to prepare a potato, but when I am looking for an “all-inclusive,” easy dish to prepare in advance, Twice Cooked Potatoes are it! Why? Because you can cook them days in advance, gut them, and then stuff them with an entire […]


Politics and Food. Where is there room for both here on my little food blog? Food is the greatest voice of tradition. What once was, can often be preserved and related to later generations through the stories and preparation of traditional foods. But, while food brings to mind the celebrated […]


There is no other cut of meat that quite compares to RIBS! Seared on high heat until they crackle and send an intoxicating aroma through out the house, or outside by the grill. The fat that is woven throughout the meat and bones, not only flavors the meat but helps […]

KIBBEH – Stuffed Lamb Meatballs

  Did you know that nearly every cuisine around the world has some type of meatball? Well, in Syria and Lebanon the traditional meatball is KIBBEH.  The common thread between most meatballs is that they have some sort of  grain, or filler in them. What I love about Kibbeh is […]


Nothing says “Holiday Feast” quite like a Goose! It’s succulent, dark, flavorful meat makes it a prize hunt for the holidays. While I have never cooked a goose before, I was curious to see if roasting it the way I would roast any large piece of meat would prove noteworthy. It […]


Comfort Food. What do you think of when it’s cold outside? How about something that warms the home, teases the tummy with aromas to hunger for, accompanied by a toasty fire, and your favorite glass… Sunday Roast! Everything roasted!!  As someone who loves to celebrate relationships over great food, I […]


Pomegranate Molasses has a special way of creating a sweet and sour taste to food. I particularly enjoy the integration of flavors from a well-known Persian dish (Fesenjan), that I have tweaked to satisfy my own taste desires: Chicken with a Facelift!  The crushed walnuts are what create a lovely […]


Mouthwatering tenderloins of beef, a dark rich Guinness Ale, raw oysters on the half shell, and a buttery puff pastry; is YOUR mouth watering yet? This dish has become such a favorite of mine that I featured it while submitting a new show pitch and trailer to several networks for […]


As a first-class cook, I am going to stick my neck out and say something I am sure to get chopped for, “The uneducated palate eats everything fried”! Squid, for example; nine times out of ten, people eat it fried. Why? Because options are rarely available. This recipe is sure […]