Pasta & Pizza

STOMBOLI: Perfect Bite Every Time!

Got lots of odds and ends in the fridge? Since the 2020 Lockdown started, my fridge has taken on an entirely new personality; a little of this, some of that. Wanna know the perfect dish to incorporate all those odds and ends? Stromboli! Yep! Simply make a small batch of […]


What?? Pizza Kabobs? Yep! Think, deconstructed and you’ve got yourself the perfect food for a casual gathering, indoors or out. Ever since my adult kids were little kids I found the easiest way to serve delicious, healthy (shhh), creative food was on a stick. Fruit salad on a stick. Sandwich […]


I can’t think of a more delicious way to enjoy spring veggies than on a PIZZA!! Primavera, in Italian simply means ‘spring’. Look at all the beautiful asparagus and juicy cherry tomatoes popping up everywhere. And those herbs… Oh My Goodness the herbs! Oregano lasted all winter in my greenhouse, […]


Picky Eaters! Could be your kids. Your grandchildren. The adult in your life. Or… maybe it’s YOU! I have a trick for getting the pickiest eater to eat lots of veggies. It worked for my kids. Works for my grandkids, and it is sure to work for you picky adults […]


Dinner for one. Whether is it a lifestyle, or the occasional occurrence, we still want something healthy, fast and easy to prepare, and Home Cooked! Ramen shops have popped up all over America and are a perfect way to grab a fast, completely balanced meal. In Japan, there are at […]


Making homemade pasta couldn’t be easier! Well, the only thing that could make it easier is a pasta rolling attachment for your mixer, but rolling the dough out by hand works well too. Just a little extra man-power, and you can get the same results. I love that homemade pasta […]


Chocolate Passion So, you say you love Chocolate. Yummy, thick, sweet, melted, whipped chocolate. But, maybe what you really love is flavored sugar? Because chocolate is not sweet, or gooey, or melty… It is bitter, powdery, and almost hot. Let’s test your chocolate passion to a new level of flavor. […]


Pizza, Pizza, Pizza! Anything you can put ON and pizza, you can put IN a Pizza Roll. Actually, the possibilities are more inviting, because the Pizza Roll is easier to eat, serve, and save. Use your imagination, or simply empty your fridge into this easy to make dough, roll that […]


Fast, easy, and savable dinners. THAT is what the busy holiday season needs. Actually, a few of these tucked away in your freezer are welcome any time of year. Stuffed shells are just the “fix” for a busy life. Homemade stuffed shells, of course! Hot, Cheesy, Spicy, and delicious. Tomato […]


Halloween is a fun time to plan a dinner party! The ambiance, the chill in the air, a crackling fire, and the food make for a very “grown-up” evening. Squid ink pasta is a delicious first course. Throw in a few squid tentacles, lightly bathed in hot brew of olive […]