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Every year my grandson picks peas as the seeds he wants grandma to grow. I start the seed indoors in March. Always surprised they actually grow, I am elated to transplant them outside in April. Tendrils begin to twist and turn, looking for something to hold onto as they grow tall. And then suddenly in June, there they are, plump green peas!

I know it’s a small thing and not important for many to still be reading this, but what struck me this year, like no other, is that with little effort, I didn’t have to stand in a grocery line, wear a mask in the heat of summer to enjoy a little Pea Pesto with my seared scallops. THIS made me happy.

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Pea Pesto is a great to make a quick paste with the freshly blanched peas and use with a variety of dishes, but it is also great to freeze the pesto in small containers for fresh pea flavors, in the dead of winter. The recipe is brief and so easy.

Pea Pesto – makes 1 cup

  • Freshly blanched Peas – 1 cup
  • Garlic clove – 1 (I grew some, so see below)
  • Tabasco Chili or any small hot chili – 1
  • Sprig of mint
  • Lemon peel – just a little
  • EVOO – 1 tablespoon

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Whirl in the blender or food processor and it is Ready!

A word on garlic: When lockdown first began, like many of you, I freaked out at the thought of not being able to buy fresh produce. Garlic was a big one, for me. I like the natural juice and oils of fresh garlic in my food and not powdered.

So my son, an executive chef, told me to root my own by placing the bottom half of the garlic in water. Once it roots, plant in a pot. When it starts to get green leafy shoots, plant in the ground. I did and the results are delicate, juicy garlic bulbs!




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