Just when you think things are as weird as they can get… they get weirder!!

Lockdown has had a gazillion challenges for us all, too many to name. But to wake on the last day of April, the day before May Day, a day when wreaths of flowers adorn homes, and the romantic at heart can smell the sweet promise of love in the air, we wake to broken limbs, crashing trees, sinking boats, tidal surges, winds enough to blow your eyebrows up into your hairline! Good Grief, what is going on??


If you are like me, and live in an area of well water and septic tanks, you know the first 2 things you do on a day like today is Charge Your Phone and Fill Your Tub! That’s right, fill your tub with water. Why? Well, y’all city folks, toilets do not flush without electricity to ignite the pump that swooshes water up into the tank of your toilet, so ya gotta take a big bucket of water to do it manually, AND, if the electricity goes out, no water comes into the house! You know, the house we each are quarantined too?

BUT…. on a brighter note, or maybe I will just drown out my thoughts with Real notes… as in some LOUD ASS MUSIC ALL DAY,  I will search for something of beauty in this day. I will go into the kitchen and prepare something special, even if electricity goes out, I will whisk up something to smile about.

I will indulge myself in a project that makes me feel creative, happy, or just busy. And then… when the storm passes and I surface from the wine cellar bunker (not really, just a way of looking at the humor in these crazy days we are forced to live with), I will find some morsel of spring’s beauty, pour a glass of something tasty, and reflect on all I have to be grateful for, YOU (reading this), being part of what I am grateful for; Friends! We shall weather these storms, called our life right now, TOGETHER!! xoxo


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