Sewing fashion designs for 50 years, now making masks for you and for me! We don’t know how long Masks will be needed so it’s better to have a few for you and your family now; I’m covered, you’re covered = safety for all. So…. If you need masks, I am making them just as fast as the orders come in for them (first come, first serve). Drop me a message here and I will be in touch as soon as possible to work with you on the selection and other personal details.

My masks are made: double sided with 100% white cotton on the face side, elastic straps for easy on-and-off, wire insert across the bridge of the nose for tighter fit under eye area. $10.00 for adults and $8.00 for children, $13.00 for Filter Pocket mask and the few Maryland masks remaining.  Shipping TBD on order size (example, 2 masks $1.00 vs 6 masks $3.80). Lots of fun fabric designs and adding more often. Venmo (Robin Daumit@Robin-Daumit) is easiest payment and I will mail to you. I can be contacted by email: or through Messages on Facebook: Robin Daumit

My video will express best why doing this for YOU is important to ME!


Selections change often. The selections above are most recent. 5 Maryland masks still remain (then no more). Darth Vader is newly added as well.



I will leave you with this message: A very responsible grandmother purchased 25 masks from me last week for every member of her family, from 2 year old toddlers to her own very aged mom. xoxo

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