Essential businesses? None, outside the hospital is more essential than those who are keeping America fed!

I have been sewing since I was twelve-years of age, fashion and home decor being what attracted me in the first place, but in the fear to preserve our health and well being, sewing has taken on a whole new face in my life.

It started with a mask I made for myself before heading out on a trip from east coast to west coast before things went on lockdown. I designed my mask from the masks often passed out in doctors offices for patients to keep their germs to themselves, or simply avoid the germs of others. My mask has multiple pleats, so that it opens comfortably from below the eyes to below the chin. I insert a wire across the bridge area of the nose so that it is easy to shape the mask to fit the shape of that area, and offer better visibility around the eyes. The mask has elastic straps, which make easy on-and-off with one hand, while the other is probably in a glove. Last detail I felt was important, is to line the mask with a white cotton lining so that it denotes clearly, the side that goes against the face, keeping outside germs, outside.

When lockdown began and panic hit, as to which businesses would be considered essential, it was clear to me that businesses that would continue to feed us, needed protection; protection in their work environment, having to encounter other co-workers, with an attempt to reduce some of the fear they would have in bringing a virus back into their home, and to their loved ones.

I gathered supplies, elastic being the most difficult to obtain but have finally resolved that problem. I began to sew and sew until word got out that I was making masks for people in the food service industry. Yes, of course, I have made them for family and friends as well but when a large order is requested for a grocery store or curbside pick-up restaurant, family and friends have to wait until I fill those orders first.

I feel a deep sense of gratitude for this little talent that I picked up as a kid, and that it can now bring some measure of comfort to those on the front-lines in this nightmare pandemic. It is only a small thing I have to offer, but every little bit helps.



Giannis Pizza
Giannis Pizza

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