FREEZE YOUR EGGS: Grocery Eggs That Is!

Covid-19 has changed all of our lives, and we are not out of the dark just yet. California is moving to have ZERO MOVEMENT for 2 weeks. Each state could potentially follow and that means no grocery shopping or curbside pick up.

I wanted to share an easy trick to plan ahead for difficult grocery times ahead: FREEZE EGGS NOW. With Easter up and coming, grocery stores often plan ahead and have an abundance of eggs this week. Buy several dozen now, be sure to have small zip plastic bags, and freeze a few eggs per bag. You can make so many dishes once you thaw these little pouches of eggs. Take a look at this brief video for ‘how-to’ and a few recipe ideas.

  • Egg SouffleEggSouffle
  • Spinach SouffleSpinach.001
  • Orange Cake – Just a bunch of eggs, oranges, ground nuts and a little sugar. Orange&Egg
  • Then there is always an Omelette, using any leftovers, or odds and ends in the freezer. Scrambled.001
  • A Frittata, which is really just an omelette with a pinch of flour to make is fluffy.

Plan Ahead. You will be glad you did!!

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