She was twenty-one when she left home to go off to Chicago for training with United Airlines as a flight attendant. Growing up, she never took an interest in cooking, in fact, cooking frustrated her. She preferred to be outside with our step-father learning how to lay bricks, do house painting and tend to the yard. Make a boiled egg for breakfast? “Please”, she would say, “Why does it always explode in the pan and the water evaporate”? Nope, cooking was not her thing, people were.

I have witnessed my sister jump at many an emergency situation to save a life, protect an innocent person and calm fear from a crowd of people. My sister has flown for the airlines nearly all of her life. When the Corona Virus first hit and began to scare the world, she was already on the front lines, with flights to both China and Japan.

Match-makers? Who better than your mom to make the best matches for their daughters! When my flight attendant sister was in her late twenties, our mom met a wonderful young man who owned two restaurants. She became his hostess and they struck up a fabulous relationship. One day my mom said to him, “I have four beautiful daughters, and you are going to marry one of them”! Low and behold, before my sister’s 30th birthday, they were married. A match made in heaven; he loved to cook, entertain and travel, she was able to show him the world. And show him, she did! The two of them, over thirty years, have been on almost every continent in the world, dined at famous restaurants, and even have entertained celebrities and royalty.

Now… they are in lockdown. No travel. No restaurants. No dinner parties. Just lockdown, as we all are. And so I thought it particularly touching when my sister picked up on a recipe (the only way she will attempt to cook for her gourmet husband), one of our other sisters shared with her, a recipe from Jamie Oliver, via The Kitchn: Milk Chicken.

At dinner time, we sisters often share what we have prepared for dinner, especially since we are all in lockdown. Last night the Milk Chicken dish turned out fabulous, if not better than Jamie Oliver, and so I couldn’t help but to share it with all of YOU! So proud of my sister, who says she can’t cook. With a good recipe and nothing but time (current situation), you CAN cook!

Thank you my sister for the many years you have kept travelers safe and comforted xoxo


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