When I was a kid and restricted to my room for something naughty I had down, I took my ‘kick the can’ attitude with me and slammed the door. “What am I supposed to do, just sit here? Why does my room suddenly seem so quiet? When I get outta here, I’m gonna”…

I’d stew for a while, not realizing that I wasn’t being punished but rather being loved into a new behavior, but it surely felt like punishment. Then, suddenly I was aware that my adrenaline had calmed and I had set my ‘kick the can’ attitude aside for a moment. I began to open a drawer or take something from the shelf, poke around, which led to poking into rarely visited places of my room. And there it happened; a new found interest in things I once valued but often ignored, now became an interesting treasure trove of valuable ‘me-time’.

The COVID-19 ‘restrictive’ time, at first, reminded me of my naughty restrictions as a kid, until I realized, once again, I wasn’t being punished. I was contributing to an act of love; love for my family and love for mankind as I was protecting both myself and them.

And then suddenly, just as when I was a kid, the treasure troves of my life, not just the material things that surrounded me in my home, but it became more; me, myself, my talents, my interests, hobbies and the contributions I knew I was capable of offering to others while I was in isolation. In that moment I became excited as to the possibilities, projects, love-offerings I became aware I had to bring to this difficult and unusual time and keep myself busy and productive. I realized that this strange and eerie time of restriction would only be limited to my lack of creativity. Suddenly the possibilities became endless.

So…. Bring It On!!

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 9.19.29 AM
IMG_7190 (1)
INSTRUCT A SIMPLE MAN’S TRIM (Don’t laugh at my drawing!)



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