Nothing soothes a cough better than lemon and honey, but this cough syrup is on steroids!

This pot of seemingly trash, with end cuttings from a heap of citrus, a cluster of fresh oregano (like, from my own potted variety), and raw honey is exactly what this monster Coronavirus doesn’t want in its way! Why? Ever heard of oil of oregano? It’s medicinal benefits, even though most brands are mixed with other oils, are a natural anti-inflammatory, so just boil fresh oregano for all its medicinal properties.  Think about your lungs in need of something to reduce any inflammation from this boogyman virus.


Boil the fresh leaves in this mixture of citrus end pieces, and drink to your health! Lemon and Orange peels? Please! Citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C and other substances that promote immunity and fight infection. Lemons have natural healing power. And to think I may have cut the ends off and thrown them away.


Raw honey. It must be raw honey. Not that wet stuff that pours like syrup. Raw honey is natures gift to our body. It is loaded with properties that are antibacterial and anti fungal. It’s plant chemicals act as antioxidants. Raw honey alone will soothe the throat and aid in coughing. These are all things we will need to comfort us when we become ladened with this virus.

Grocery stores were fast to empty their shelves and freezer sections but oddly, many items in produce still remain. Why? Because people know they will spoil fast, and yet the produce section was the first place I stocked up on because I knew how to transform fresh produce into foods that will last me several weeks, if not months. More here if you are interested:



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