Emptied the produce section of your grocery store, did you? Citrus is easily available year round, but what about a few weeks from now? Strange times call for clever solutions!

None of us really know quite what to do with this new virus we are all forced to live with right now, but one thing is for sure; we are forced to live with it. Many of us made that dreadful trip to the grocery store to buy a whole lot more than toilet paper. Some of us really weren’t sure what to buy. How long are we shopping for? What if the store is not accessible in a few weeks? Frozen food, and boxed food sections emptied quickly, but then there were those who don’t usually buy items from those sections and prefer instead to shop the perimeters of the grocery store where meats, dairy, seafood and produce are stocked. That, is what I did. Now what?

I knew in the back of my usual common sense mind, that many of the things I purchase fresh weekly were not going to last. I didn’t care. I bought them anyway because it is what I always do. “I will figure it out, once I get out of this mad house, and back in the calm of my kitchen,” I thought.

Well, I did. The calm of my kitchen is what triggers my imagination and creativity. And so, I would like to share with you many of the clever things I have done with fresh items I want to be able to use in these unknown weeks ahead. I will start first with CITRUS, and trust me, it didn’t end there!


Slice all your citrus thin. Layer them neatly in sealable containers or plastic bags. Be certain to move them quickly to the containers, preserving as much of their juice as possible, and DON’T throw those end pieces away. We are not getting snowed in, nor is there an earthquake or hurricane about to strike us. An ugly, strange virus is what is clouding our world right now and we need all the immune boosters, powerful natural vitamins, and potent home remedies we can possible whip up quickly, because most pharmacies and vitamin shops ARE OUT!!!

Once the citrus is sliced and sealed, pop into the freezer. They will freeze beautifully and be easy to use in a variety of ways over the weeks ahead. Here are just a few things I know I will be using them for, and hope you will too.


  • WELLNESS POPSICLES: Sometimes when feeling feverish, we want something to cool us down. These popsicles are made by extracting juice from citrus, simmering with ginger, honey and a chili pepper or two, cool and freeze.


  • LEMON THYME DRESSING: With many meals in the days to come coming out of the freezer or box, you will want something refreshing to perk them up, particularly if you are cooking poultry or fish from the freezer. This quick and easy dressing is great on anything, will last a week in the fridge, or a long time in the freezer.


  • ORANGE CAKE: Orange Cake from frozen orange slices? Oh Yeah! This cake is ridiculously delicious; 3 whole oranges, skins and all, nuts, eggs and sugar. No flour!


  • KILL UR COLD: Toss a few slices of citrus in a large container of purified water, sip on it all day. Lots of vitamin C and natural oils from citrus.


  • COUGH SOOTHER: Nothing soothes a cough better than lemon and honey, but this cough syrup is on steroids! This pot of seemingly trash, with end cuttings from a heap of citrus, a cluster of fresh oregano (like, from my own potted variety), and raw honey is exactly what this monster Coronavirus doesn’t want in its way! Why? Ever heard of oil of oregano? It’s medicinal benefits, even though most brands are mixed with other oils, are a natural anti-inflammatory. Think about your lungs in need of something to reduce any inflammation from this boogyman virus.  Boil the fresh leaves in this mixture and drink to your health! Lemon and Orange peels? Please! Citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C and other substances that promote immunity and fight infection. Lemons have natural healing power. And to think I may have cut the ends off and thrown them away. Raw honey. It must be raw honey. Not that wet stuff that pours like syrup. Raw honey is natures gift to our body. It is loaded with properties that are antibacterial and anti fungal. It’s plant chemicals act as antioxidants. Raw honey alone will soothe the throat and aid in coughing. These are all things we will need to comfort us when we become ladened with this virus.

I am just as scared, perplexed and angry about this disease that has threatened the peace and health of our everyday lives, as you are, but as a long time natural medicine guru that has had a fascination with the health powers hidden in our natural food sources, I am going to put everything I have ever learned (50 years of curious dabbling), into practice these next few months. Be safe. Be wise, and let’s manage this monster as best possible! xoxo


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