WTF is going on! Price gouging, misleading information, scare tactics, NO TOILET PAPER? Wear a mask. Don’t wear a mask. We are told not to bother to wear a mask because it really doesn’t work, and in the same news clip they say, ‘the healthcare profession needs the masks, so don’t stock pile”. That makes no sense. If they need them, then don’t we need them? MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN MASK! Yes, damn! Today I am in a cursing mood, and if it offends you (as it does my husband), cover your ears/eyes!

Hand sanitizer has disappeared from nearly every store. Make your own, they say. Hah! For years I have always purchased a $1.25 quart size bottle of 91% alcohol, mixed it with water in a spray bottle and use it everywhere. Today when I went to buy more, it was $7.99, IF you could even find any! I even went to my beauty supplier to purchase a gallon size bottle of alcohol (used in salons to sanitize implements), and it was $20.00, to which I finally said, “F… this! One gallon of cheap vodka  cost about the same!

Then, it is said to mix alcohol with aloe gel, 3/4 alcohol to 1/4 aloe. Hah! Try finding Aloe! Every place I looked was sold out. Same with toilet paper. WTF, toilet paper? Kvetching? Yes, today I am Kvetching!! I’m pissed about this entire illness in the first place! Like, who lets their swine waste trickle over into their fresh fish supply they plan to eat, therefore contaminating the fish, and eat it anyway!

I mixed the aloe and alcohol. Did it remain gelatinous? No. Of course it didn’t. So now I have begun to question what is in the hand sanitizer I purchase ready-made. F… this! I am going to make one suggestion to those DIY’ers who can’t find any of these items in the store and are now ready to make their own: VODKA! Pour that s…. into a spray bottle, or squirt bottle and use it! If someone sneezes near you, spray that s…. down your throat!

Just kidding, actually. Well, maybe not. The truth is, right now every store has price gouged the alcohol, so just substitute with vodka. Gallon for gallon the price is about the same, right now. Dilute it 3/4 alcohol to 1/4 whatever… water, aloe, oil, body lotion, whatever, and put it in a squeeze bottle or spray bottle. Carry it in your car, purse, briefcase, keep it in your office, kitchen or where ever you can get your hands on it quick.


One other recommendation: Clorox. In daycare schools, the teachers put it in a spray bottle of water to disinfect toys, handles, places the kids touch regularly. Not sure I would spray it on my hands, but certainly stuff I touch. And for dang sake, WIPE YOU PHONES DOWN EVERY DAY!

Soap and Water. It is not always accessible, particularly when traveling or simply moving about your day, but by all means, wash those hands every chance you get, AND wear a mask when trapped in congested places! Here is my easy to make, DIY Face Mask!



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  1. Alice D'Antoni Phillips

    Amen, Miss Pea! The VERY SAME THING here in the cold Rockies and Vail Valley. I did find, very secretly, some Latin ‘aloholda’ in the Rx section of WalMart…can’t read what the ingredients are, but I know it’s alcohol! Great post. Everyone should read! xoxo

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