What do You eat when you travel on a plane, nuts? How about if the flight is long, like across the United States for about 6-hours, nuts? Or, do you buy airport food and take that on board, knowing full well that there is way more salt in that food than you should be eating, which retains fluid, and your body is already going to feel bloated on the plane from the altitude change. Yuk!

Let me tell you what I make and take, and maybe the next time you travel, you will thank me!


  • STUFFED GRAPE LEAVES – meat and rice or lentils and rice, or swap out the rice for barley or quinoa. You have a complete meal here, with veggies (leaves) grain and protein. These freeze beautifully, so make plenty and store in your freezer for when ever you want them. The night before I travel, I put the frozen stuffed leaves in disposable containers, and put them in the fridge until I head for the airport. By the time I eat them, they are perfectly room temperature and delicious!
  • TZATZIKI – Yogurt, cucumber, lemon, garlic and fresh herbs. This packs perfectly in small zip baggies and pop the baggy in the container with your grape leaves. OR, if you prefer not to have grape leaves, pile a salad in the disposable container, and use the Tzatziki and dressing!
  • Fruit – and fresh fruit, washed and put in baggies
  • COOKIES – ya gotta have a little something sweet and cookies pack easily to-go
  • Nuts and dried fruit – YOUR mixture!


People ask me all the time if you are allowed to carry your own lunch through security, but I have yet to be asked to give up my lunch on any trip I have been on. AND, just wait till you see the eyes of envy all around you on the plane!



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