Bone Broth is not just for Soup! When prepared at home, it is loaded with many health benefits. It’s fine (if you must), to use store-bought bone broth to flavor cooking or for a quick base to make a soup or gravy, but it is not the same nutritious product made at home. Come on y’all, have you ever seen broth made at home, from any type of bones (fish included) not turn gelatinous in the fridge? You know darn well, that convenient carton of broth from your grocery pours just like juice from its container. Thin, watered down and without nutrients. It’s not the real deal!

Bone broth is naturally loaded with nutritious ingredients such as:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • Glucosamine
  • Chondroitin, found in the cartilage, which is great for joint health.
  • Fish bones are rich in iodine which, when from natural sources, is important for healthy thyroid metabolism

And that gelatin! Aren’t you in need of collagen? I know I am, well, for sure my skin is! The gelatin from either fish or animal bone broth has all the collagen you need, and it works beautifully to maintain a healthy function of the intestinal wall, which has been known to help leaky gut issues.

As for me, though I have always been a health nut, I make certain to always have homemade bone broth stored in my freezer so that when I need a beautifully herb infused broth for my:

A final note, or rather secret about me, and a peek into my busy cooking schedules to keep up with this blog, my YouTube channel, and the numerous social media platforms I attend to daily, is that I often forget to eat in the middle of the day. Yep, forget! I’m so busy planning, prepping, cooking and photographing the food that I don’t stop to eat, a problem I know many professional chefs often wrestle with. Having bone broth portioned out (when I make a huge batch), and divided into ice cube trays in the freezer, makes it a breeze to boil a kettle of water, toss that cube in a mug, add boiling water and any other odds and ends laying around, or simply stir in a raw egg, cover it to cook the egg a bit (think egg drop soup), and there you have it, Lunch!

Now are YOU ready to know how fast, abundant, and easy it is to make your own broth? FIRST: START WITH HEALTHY BONES FROM ORGANICALLY RAISED ANIMALS OR WILD CAUGHT FISH!


  • A pot of water – large or small depending on the amount of bones you have
  • Fresh herbs – any, or a variety of herbs tied in a bundle or shoved into a tea steeper, or simply onions, garlic, or chili peppers
  • Salt – to taste
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – just a drizzle because it helps extract the nutrients from the bones


Bring to a boil. Turn down to simmer covered, and simmer about an hour. Cool completely, strain and transfer the broth into containers and ice trays to store in the freezer for future use. Don’t forget to pull out any bone marrow (loaded with a the adiponectin hormone, great for the digestion of food), from the cooked bones before tossing them away. Store the marrow separately or mix in with the broth for an added nutrient.





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