Laughter is my cheapest anti-aging secret! No matter the season or circumstances life throws my way (and trust me, my life has been a tennis court!), I always find something to lighten my spirit and inspire a good hard laugh!

Family and close friends who know me can vouch for my off-color sense of humor. I find irony in the simplest of everyday circumstances and so during holiday seasons, I will look for a morsel of something that can make me laugh. Let’s face it, holidays can be stressful for many of us, and for a variety of different reasons. So my suggestion to you (myself as well), cook something you love to eat, go to a store all decked out for kids, listen to giggles and look for sparkles in the little one’s eyes. Remember, you were once a kid, so go back in your memory and recapture him or her during this holiday season. Buy a gift for yourself, and look for something that makes you laugh, or at least a big fat smile!

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