Every season has its redeeming qualities, some more than others. Winter tests my creativity more than the other seasons. Fireside anything is how I get through winter with a cheerful attitude!

Yes, there have been times in my life when I did not live in a home that had a fireplace, though not often because even when I was a youngin, living on my own for those earlier years, I looked for apartments that offered one, and luckily I found them. But, for those other times, I would buy a fake electric unit that looked like it had a fire inside, and it did the trick!

Why fire? I love to cook. I have always loved to cook and even in those earlier years when I had my first apartments living on my own, I loved to have friends over and cook for them. Fire, was always a natural ambiance when the days were short and we had to create social times indoors. A fire beckons to come gather around, bring a plate, pour a drink, sip something hot… just be. A fire transforms my imagination to the outdoors.


Now that I am older and my children are all grown and having families of their own, I look to find something in each of my days that inspires me to go into the kitchen, cook something amazing, have friends over, or simply strike a match, cook something amazing just for me and dine right there in front of the fire. Who needs entertainment when you imagination can be set aflame by the simple strike of a match!

Have a lovely, warm, delicious and inspired winter. If you need a little inspiration, simply follow me on my Facebook – Whisk and Dine page where I am sure to post something almost every day, or my Instagram – Whiskndine page where I am likely to post a little fun inspiration more than once a day!


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