Who said Halloween was just for kids!! Maybe it’s the kid in me, but I have so much fun with all the witchery, magic and potions of Halloween and so why not take that fun into the kitchen, throw a fabulous dinner party and ignite the kid in all of your dinner guests!

Recipes for this dinner party are fun, delicious and right here:

Cashew Cheese & Anchovy Tarts are a fun appetizer and perfect for those non-dairy, waist-conscious  guests. Crunchy tart shells, creamy cashew cheese and a little salty zing in the anchovy!


Squid Ink Pasta & Squid make for a fun, as well as delicious dish to serve any time of year but for Halloween I love the slimy look of the pasta and squiggly tentacles of the squid!


For a grand Autumn dessert, my all time favorite are these beautiful, flavor layered           Spice Cake with Pumpkin Ganache and Cardamom Cream! The cake is made with rye flour, ginger, molasses and Guinness. The pumpkin spice pumpkin ganache is so delicious you will be lucky you don’t eat it all before getting it on the cake! Cardamom scented cream was going to go into my ice cream maker if I had any left over, (hah!) that didn’t happen but it was truly the most luxurious topping on any cake I have eaten.


Have fun and don’t let the kids have all the fun!!


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