POPSICLES!!! Oh My Gosh I have newly discovered them! Growing up, there was nothing like an ice cold popsicle on a hot summer day. They made your lips freeze, your tongue turn colors (lots of dye:( and summer seem all the sweeter because of them.

Then, the 21st century hit and we all became health gurus, and those popsicles I grew up with suddenly looked like poison; sugar-water with dye. Blah! I would swear the sales rate declined if not disappeared, that is until popsicle molds began popping up everywhere. DIY POPSICLES!! Yay!

Now the popsicles have endless possibilities as to what you want in them, kind of like a smoothie only frozen. I have made so many beautiful gourmet varieties as well as simple yogurt and fresh fruit mixtures for my grandchildren. Recently I even served these beauties (Strawberry Lemonade) to my old world, British husband, who never had children and only remembers popsicles like the sugar-water popsicles from back in the day. He turned his nose up at first, until I insisted. Said I was doing a taste test for my blog, (LOL, that will get him every time!). He was hooked! “These are not popsicles, well not the horrid things I grew up with. There is fresh fruit to bite into and a delicious, not too sweet, lemonade flavor in them. Yay! Trust me, if he loves them, so will you. (He is a colonial snob, and I mean that in the cutest way lol)


Ingredients – makes 10 popsicles (most mosts hold 1/4 cup, so calculate accordingly)



Tuck the strawberry slices loosely into the popsicle molds. Pour the lemonade into each, bringing it nearly to the top but not totally.


Place the top  on, sticks in and carefully freeze for at least 4-6 hours.





  1. Alice D'Antoni Phillips

    I mean, how EASY is this!! You rock, girl! xo

  2. ASouthern Soul

    What a fun, fresh treat for summer! Love it.

  3. My kids really love popsicles! I am sure they’ll enjoy this!

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