Whether appetizer, tapas, or cocktail goodies are what you’re after; or simply something yummy to spread on, or between bread for a healthy lunch, to-go meal, or after school snack, my Pea Pesto Crostini, served warm or cold, is one of the healthiest, most colorful solutions to your quest. Move over avocado toast!

If I have made homemade bread, then my pea pesto crostini is going to be outstanding, but a fresh baguette sliced and lightly toasted, will work beautifully too.

Here are a few of my recipes to make my beautiful Pea Pesto Crostini:

Ready to assemble? Simply slice the bread to your desired size. A light brush of olive oil, or not, place on a cookie sheet and lightly toast bread slices in the oven until lightly golden in color. Spread the pea pesto, add a lovely pea tendril or herb leaf for garnish, and let the party begin! Truth be known, I make this often for lunch just for little ole me;)



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