Whether it’s out on your patio or nuzzled fireside, an evening meal of Finger Food can be most enjoyable! Like many Tapas spreads, they can be carefully planned or simply rummage around in your fridge and pantry to pull together a delicious spread of dishes that will look and taste carefully planned.

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One item I often keep in my fridge is Onion Jam, a recipe that simmers a heap of onions, some garlic, a splash of sugar and a hint of Ghost Chili. Onion Jam is great on anything from hotdogs and burger, to a beautifully showcased Brussels Sprout Slider. For this spread I added it to roasted beets with fresh herbs.


For my Chicken Kabobs here, I whipped up a basting paste of Sweet & Sour Mango Sauce with mangos I had in the freezer and created a delicious sweet and sour sauce to roast the chicken kabobs with.

ChickenKabobs copy

Avocados, some pureed and some sliced, and hard boiled eggs over olive oil toasted baguette slices, with a few micro-greens.


Everything here is fast and easy. Grab a few baguettes from the bakery, and head home to work with what might already be in your fridge.




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