Healthy desserts, and healthy snacks that satisfy, are not easy to come by. Fruit and nuts, in any form, are often a good standby. Sometimes you want a little something creamy to satisfy that hankering for a piece of cheesecake, or ice cream. Ugh, health!

These little Date Bites were created in my kitchen for just that reason. They are fast and easy to make. Can last a week or so in the fridge, and 3 are about all you need to satisfy what ails you!

I use goat brie in mine, but you can use any cheese, or non-dairy cheese of your choice. Let’s whip these up, real quick…


Makes a dozen

  • Pitted Dates – 12
  • Brie or other cheese – 12 one-inch slices
  • Pecans – 12, or other nut of your choice
  • Cacao powder – ½ teaspoon



Slice the dates open, long ways leave one end still connected. Slide a piece of cheese inside, followed by a nut. Give a very light dusting of cacao powder across the top. Store in an airtight container in the fridge.



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