My dream as a filmmaker and visual story teller is to entertain and inspire, everyday people.

We capture our guests and audience with antics, our yummy food, and alluring tablescapes, and invite them to “Come sit, Eat, and Chat with us!”

As cherished “Grandmas”, we offer ideas, wisdom, and encouragement served with a mix of light hearted laughter, deliciously healthy recipes, and good old-fashioned anecdotes that our guests and audience might sample the comforts and companionship that are much needed in the journey through life.

In my passion for storytelling, I am often reminded of Aesop’s Fables and the Parables, where profound messages are transmitted in the simplest of ways. My foodie friend Ally and I believe we will gather a viewing tribe and engage many people as they become our “Peas & Carrots” buddies, friends, besties, and more.



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