6 Months in the making and Whisk and Dine goes into production this weekend for its first Reality Show Pilot! So excited!!

How does an idea, a thought, a dream become a reality? Beats me! A window, a door would open, and it soon became clear I had found my passion for storytelling through media platform and visual arts.

Peas and Carrots, the name of the show, fusing together two besties that met through Food Network’s Clash of the Grandmas and cultivated a sister friendship that has birthed this fun, vibrant story, chocked full of eye candy, yummy food, interesting people, and yes… 101 laugh your bum off stories about us!!

The producer? That would be me. It all started with cell phone videos five years ago. Before I knew it, I had myself a Canon DSLR and I began editing all my own videos through iMovie, then the new addition to my busy world: Final Cut Pro. Two cameras later, a ton of sound equipment, lighting and gadgets out the wazoo, and I suddenly was bitten by the production bug!

But lights, camera, action is only one aspect of this crazy endeavor I have found myself on. Stories and scenes began to wake me from my sleep. Stages, props, and fun people all began to immerge. Which recipes would we cook for you? What stories would we want to share with you? WHAT WOULD WE WEAR?!!

I live in a lovely 4,000 sq ft home out in the countryside of Maryland, just 15 minutes from the nation’s capital and the capital of Maryland. You would never know it with the quiet chirping of birds that wake me each morning. The distant moo’s of cows, and the daily vroom of a tractor. But here I am in this amazing home with more than enough elements to use every inch of it for the settings I have planned for this pilot. Poor hubby, though. No problem. I put his British bum on a plane and sent him to London and Switzerland for 2 weeks! What a good egg he is. (wink)

The effervescence? That would be Ally, my beastie, and partner in these shenanigans.( Without her vibrant southern charm and little girl bubbly enthusiasm, all my schemes and dreams in this arena would not have that fizzle and sparkle of a freshly opened bottle of sparkling water. She hops on a plane this morning, from the other side of the states, arrives after midnight tonight, and then beginning at sun up, we are in shoot twelve hours a day for three days! Dang!!

As the months unfold and the seasons change into the short dark days of winter, I will be diligently at work editing all the amazing stories we will gather in these three days. Lots of photos, clips, and teasers will be up for your intrigue and curiosity, but we will give it All to you live, in early spring!

Check out our webpage with snippets of our first 8 episodes:

Thank you for all your encouraging comments. And as they say: Stay Tuned!





  1. Doran Upton

    Can’t wait to see your story. You are so talented . Thanks for sharing your passion with us all !

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