A picture is worth a thousand words. Really? How about a video!!!? Two years ago I began to play around with capturing, in photographs, something I have always been good at: Cooking.

Then, with prompting from my techie kids, I began to dabble with video, editing, stage props, sound, lighting, Good Grief! Now… I have totally lost my mind and decided to go to school for full-on production. Why?

Because visual storytelling is what I love! A strawberry insights many thoughts and stimulates the tastebuds, simply from its photograph. So why not capture the field it is growing in. The children and grownups picking them. Friends and family gathered around a table enjoying a dessert with them, while exchanging stories about the more important things in their lives. The possibilities became endless!

THIS, for me, is an exciting way of bringing friends, family, and even YOU together to share in moments to numerous to count!
I took a trip out to America’s largest music, and sound store. All of the military buys from them for everything from a guitar pick to a complete television production sound system. So I went, had a fabulous time selecting the equipment I am now ready to use to take my visual storytelling to the next level!
Stay Tuned!!


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