Dining is meant to be a time to slow the clock down, share special moments with people you enjoy, and find gratification in the meals that not only sustain you but pleasure you as well.

Dining with Panache is a time to throw the dang clock out the window and feed all your senses!

Our family, all of our family, holds the cornerstone on entertaining and dining. Not just a few of us, but all of us were taught by the matriarch example (our mom) of the family, to make a party, send out an invitation, hire a band, gather the cooks in the family and prepare for a gathering. It doesn’t matter why, it only mattered to do it, and make memories, have a reason to get dressed up, enjoy great wine, and lots of laughter among friends and loved ones.

When my firstborn child turned one year old, we did exactly what my mom always said to do, make a party. A kid’s party? Nope. He was the first child born among four sisters and it was going to be decadent and memorable. The cake? A Croquembouche! And to this day, we all remember the gathering as ‘the one-year old birthday party with Panache’!


The first man to marry into this family of all sisters… and stay, understood our mother’s sentiments around a gathering. He even created a business doing just this. Forty years have passed, and he has dined thousands of brides, hired countless bands, arranged some of the most stunning flowers, and showcased for every member of the family at every family gathering the importance given to details: starched linens, crystal wine glasses, china, silver, and platters of decadence that will make your taste buds dance for days.

It only stood to reason, that when he was to celebrate a milestone birthday, it had to be done with Panache! And so, he brought the French Riviera to our little town in Maryland, and made a party. It will be remembered for years, though I just don’t have the words to describe it to you. And so, I have assembled a little video together for your peering pleasure.

Get dressed up, make fabulous food and enjoy a moment or two of Dining with Panache!



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