Our obsession with eggs is an old one. Is it because they symbolize new life, or is it simply because they are healthy, delicious, and beautiful?

The list of dishes that use eggs, feature eggs, or simply showcase eggs would be too numerous to collect. But suffice it to say, we have an obsession with them.

For me, I am always attracted to the brilliance of the yellow yolk set against the purity of its white; be it the whimsy of a tiny quail egg or the drama of a huge ostrich egg, they always command my attention. How about you? Why are YOU attracted to eggs? How many recipes could you account for that use eggs? French cooking would be at a loss without these lovely gems, and I, for one, would be as well. When once asked, “If you could only take three items of food with you to a deserted island, what would they be”? Eggs were number ‘one’ on my list.

Symbolism. The history of eggs, and origin of their symbolism are about as vast as there are recipes that use them. Growing up in an Eastern Orthodox home, eggs always represented resurrection, and the immortality of life. For many other cultures the egg not only represented a symbol of luck, wealth, creation, and new life, but it has also been used as a metaphor in celebrations, such as the breaking of an egg as a bride entered her new home, symbolizing fertility. Or a farmer smearing eggs, and flour on their plough as they set out to sow their fields in hopes of a good harvest.

Yes. The egg is an obsession for a multitude of reasons, but perhaps today, here and now, and just for you, it simply has become your most sought-after item to eat from your kitchen, in as many ways as you can imagine, to prepare it!

In my video above, I set out to collect a variety of eggs, the turkey egg becoming my most prized egg for this year. I have displayed a variety of suggestions for delicious egg dishes, and below are the links to several of those recipes. Enjoy, and Happy Spring!





Would love to know of a few of your favorite ways to serve an egg!

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